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2 September 2017

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    • Patzcuaro

       /  September 2, 2017

      I’ve a simple solution, Trump could turn it into a weekend project, anybody who wants the wall could come down on the weekends, bring their own material and build the wall. A bit like the student army in Christchurch after the quake it could be turned into a community project. A wall at no cost. Trump could be down their selling caps and t-shirts and rallying the troops.

      Back in Washington the other politicians could use the weekends to get on with business unhindered by Trump. Hopefully Trump would be out of coverage at the wall so would be unable to tweet. He could just enjoy the twittering of all the wildlife.

      I can see only one problem, during the week the Mexican would probably come up and take it down and steal the materials.

      • Corky

         /  September 2, 2017

        ”I’ve a simple solution, Trump could turn it into a weekend project, ”

        In fact, that is a very sensible idea-seriously. The government provides material, the people build it. Yes, logicists could be a problem, but not insurmountable, especially given Texas and the South are where a sense of community still exists.

        Trumps speech:

        My fellow Americans, lovers of the American Way, but not Mexicans. I call on you. I need your help. We need to build a wall. Congress says we can’t do it. People with limp wrists and funny pink hats ,who cry all the time, say we can’t do it…..and I’m sure some of you are thinking ”can we do it?”

        We can. We will see the biggest civilian project ever attempt in human history. 3,20O km of fence will go up in two days. You will be part of a momentous project to protect our country from unwanted illegal aliens.

        I don’t care how you come, but come you must. For once you can do something for your country, your children, and your children’s children.

        Now, I know what you are thinking. What a about protesters? There will be none. The army and national guard will be deployed. Let me say, it will be very bad for people holding placards and not a hammer.

        Lets make America Great Again. Lets build that wall.

        What a pity such a great idea had to come from you, Patzcuaro.

        • Patzcuaro

           /  September 2, 2017

          Well if you fire off enough ideas eventually you have to come up with a good one, thanks for that Corky.

          Trump could approach the Mexican government to see if they would be interested in turning it into a joint venture. It would be a chance for the two countries to come together, hands across the wall.

          Pink Floyd could put on a live performance of “The Wall”. They might even help out by putting another brick in the wall.

          The Mexican’ s could get Miley Cryus in for a live performance of “Wrecking Ball”. I’m sure a half naked Miley Cyrus swing on a wrecking ball would bring plenty of young men in. Many hands maked light work.

          There is potential for a fundraising concert featuring songs with wall in the title. Apart from Pink Floyd there is “Balls to the Wall” by Accept (I’ve never heard of them) , “A Fly on the Wall” by AC/DC, ” When Your Walls Come Down” by Kiss, Up Agaist the Wall” by the Tom Robinson Band, ” Off the Wall” by Michael Jackson plus many others.

  1. lurcher1948

     /  September 2, 2017

    The silly OLD man should spend the money on flooded Texas and import 1000s of Mexicans for the rebuild

  2. FYI: ‘Whakamana’ the Cannabis Museum, David St. Caversham. Dunaz is having an ‘Open Day’ Sunday 3/9 2-420pm or later :R18

    All welcome to; learn, discuss & socialise with herbie folk of like minds. The Museum accepts people of all political parties/pursuations BUT is generally non-partisan overall

    be there….. 😀