Song for the campaign – Serf City

‘Alvis’ posted:

There’s a song out now about NZ’s descent into the third world, or is it back to the middle ages? Released to coincide with the election:

More information on their blog: Serf City

This post is a heads up about the new single release from The Hopkinsville Goblins, “Serf City”, tied to some wider thoughts on the current state of things.

…see politics as a surrealist circus at best and a dance of death at worst. The truth probably lies halfway in between. Let’s face it. Democracy is basically a lottery in which you risk giving people you wouldn’t ordinarily piss on the power to control your destiny. I guess it beats fascism, but there are some sliding scales of democracy so you need to be careful what you are talking about.

Democracy at best is an illusion derived from the clever use of statistics. There hasn’t been a real mandate for any government to rule in any world power for longer than anyone can comfortably remember. Last year saw the big backlash against this, but the effect was even worse than the cause. Rock to the left, hard place to the right.

After the insanity around the world throughout 2016, the good people of New Zealand are now facing their own political circus in September this year. Yes, we get to choose from the same parade of ego-maniacs, carpet-baggers and crooks that have always called parliament home, plus the clutch of do-gooders who try (and fail) to keep it real.

All of this taking place while the country slides ever further into third world status. Possibly an exaggeration, but it wouldn’t surprise me if smallpox makes a comeback here first, or some new and unknown super, resistant-to-everything bug busts out here to decimate the tiny population as a warm up to taking down the rest of the planet. Plague and poverty are ours for the taking.

The Hopkinsville Goblins have a new single out. It’s a thinly disguised stab at life in New Zealand’s largest city – a place now so absurdly over-priced that even its own residents can’t afford to live there. For the few that can it’s probably a really nice place to be, although it does tend to rain a lot. For everyone else it’s … well, get the single and you can sing along to the chorus.

Let them eat lamingtons on the last bus home

Alvis describes themselves as “the agent on Earth for the Hopkinsville Goblins, passing on interstellar wisdom of the musical kind.”


  1. artcroft

     /  September 7, 2017

    You just know that should this group find themselves in power, NZ would soon be another North Korea. Oh the hypocrisy.

    • Blazer

       /  September 7, 2017

      you think NZ would become a nuclear power if this band found themselves in power.Interesting,especially coming from an …!Bol.

  2. Gezza

     /  September 7, 2017

    They need to chill, man. I think they’re overreacting.
    Or overacting.