Hurricane Irma continues destructive path

As Hurricane Irma tracks along just to the north of a string of Caribbean islands it is leaving a major mess behind. It will take days to see the full extent of the damage – the hurricane is expected to pass by Cuba and then hit Florida on Sunday.

Photo from NOAA
That is hurricane Jose to the right of Irma.

Reuters Live:

Irma kills at least 10, next target is Dominican Republic

  • Winds reaching 180 mph
  • Currently hovering off the northern coast of Dominican Republic
  • Storm tracking toward Florida this weekend, although weakening slightly
  • About 70 percent of Puerto Rico without power



Irma is in the centre, Jose (now a category 2 hurricane) on the right, Katia on the left.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  8th September 2017

    I’m glad that at least it seems to be missing Cuba. I wonder if Trump will show solidarity by going to his resort-ha ha ha.


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