Green ‘inspiration’ – promoting gender imbalance

Greens have shifted from being a pro-gender equality party to a pro-female party.

Their latest newsletter (from Sarah Helm, Green Party Campaign Director) is titled “More great Green inspiration for you – Campaign Update Newsletter”, and opens:

Here’s another campaign newsletter of interesting sharable content including how many women we have in our top 10, our transparency around donations, our policies to end poverty, and ways you can help.

It promotes:

Image of Green candidates Leilani Tamu and Elizabeth Kerekere
making a heart shape with their hands

Did you know that 7 of our top 10 candidates are women? That’s more than the top ten lists of Labour, National and NZ First combined!

Labour are likely to get 50 or more MPs, close to half of whom could be female, or three times or more the number of female Green MPs.

If Greens get between 6 or 9 MPs only 2 will be men.

Check out the graphic below, and visit our candidates list to learn more about our great Green leaders and what they’re up to. 

Greens are now openly promoting significant gender imbalance. In the past they promoted gender balance.

They still have equality written into their policy: “The Greens envision a world where there is equality between men and women. ” But that is in ‘Women’s Policy’, and they don’t have ‘Men’s Policy’.

Two years ago James Shaw put this out:

Greens will ensure gender balance in Cabinet

The Green Party is today announcing that, in Government, it will ensure half of all Green Cabinet Ministers are women, and will call on other members of any coalition Government it is involved in to do the same.

Green Party Co-leader James Shaw announced to the CTU conference in Wellington today that the Green Party would put gender equality at the heart of any Government it is involved in, starting with equal representation in Cabinet.

Greens are unlikely to be able to dictate gender balance in Cabinet. There won’t be a Green Cabinet. At best Greens will be a minority in a Labour Cabinet – on current polling they will be lucky to get a fifth of Cabinet being Green (about 5 MPs) so they won’ty have much say on the overall mix.

And if NZ First is also in Cabinet that will make things more difficult, as they have just one female in their top 8.

“Our hope is that by leading by example, and ensuring gender equality at the Cabinet table, the Green Party can stimulate and support a wave of gender equity reforms for women who work,” Mr Shaw said.

“Just 30 percent of Cabinet positions are currently held by women, and only 32 per cent of MPs in Parliament are women. If political parties are serious about ensuring women across all workplaces are paid more and given the opportunity to take on senior roles, then political parties should start by getting their own houses in order.

“By committing to a gender balance in Cabinet, the Green Party won’t immediately fix the inequalities women are forced to deal with at work every day, but it will show that we are committed to gender equality everywhere, starting with where we work ourselves,” Mr Shaw said.

“A Government with 70 percent of its Ministers men isn’t good for women and it isn’t good for New Zealand.

Now the Greens are promoting a 70% gender imbalance as “great Green inspiration”.

The top 10 on the Green list, with the approximate % vote required to get each person in on the list, and the gender %:

  1. James Shaw 5.0%
  2. Marama Davidson 5.0%
  3. Julie Anne Genter 5.0%
  4. Eugenie Sage 5.0%
  5. Gareth Hughes 5.0%
  6. Jan Logie 5.0% (females 67% )
  7. Chloe Swarbrick 5.2% (females 71% )
  8. Golriz Ghahraman 6.0% (females 75% )
  9. Mojo Mathers 6.8% (females 78%)
  10. Barry Coates 7.6% (females 70%)
  11. Jack McDonald 8.4% (females 64%)
  12. John Hart 9.2% (females 58%)
  13. Denise Roche 10.0% (females 62%)
  14. Hayley Holt 10.8% (females 64%)
  15. Teall Crossen 11.6% (females 67%)

When the Greens put this list out they had hopes of getting a much bigger vote share, but current polls have them around 5-6%. Even if they end up getting a bit more than that they still look likely to have somewhere around two thirds or three quarters female MPs.

And they say this is “great Green inspiration for you”. If you are female perhaps.

Greens are obviously targeting female voters (not surprising given their female imbalance), and this is where Labour are doing very well. Women in particular like Jacinda Ardern.

Greens are trying to compete with the most popular politician in New Zealand for votes – that’s a large part of the reason their support has slumped.

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  1. Gezza

     /  9th September 2017

    This is what happens when your male co-leader has two mums! 🙄

    • He is only one of the Green team that has got themselves into a female dominant situation, and I doubt that he was the one pushing for it and recruiting the new female candidates and promoting them up the list.

      • Gezza

         /  9th September 2017

        Why didn’t he get one of his mums to go along with him to the candidate selection meeting & put her foot down! 😠

    • Blazer

       /  9th September 2017

      you really push this line….are you some alpha,macho male Gezza?

      • Gezza

         /  9th September 2017

        No, I have a reasonably strong feminine side as well.
        I had two mums. ❤️❤️👗👗🌹🌹
        Also had two dads. ❤️❤️ 💪🏼💪🏼 🍺🍺

      • Gezza

         /  9th September 2017

        What about yourself? 😳

      • chrism56

         /  9th September 2017

        How are you getting on with the 18 new taxes Blazer – or do you think it more important to troll others rather than provide any substance to your claims?

  2. Kevin

     /  9th September 2017

    I can’t see why the Greens don’t go the whole hog and ban men altogether…

  3. Corky

     /  9th September 2017

    Sisters are doing it. But they will learn eventually, when you have too many women bunched together without a male polarity, things become very ”bitchy.”

  4. David

     /  9th September 2017

    I would put Shaw on the female side too, he isnt exactly manly and just call it NZs first all female party. Greens dont have anything to contribute now that Jacinda has adopted most of their job killing policies.

  5. Kitty Catkin

     /  9th September 2017

    I find their attitude extremely patronising. Is it somehow unexpected that women are also achievers ? Do we need to be congratulated upon this as if we were backward children who have learned to tie our shoelaces ?

    Equality, indeed. Come back to me when there are equal numbers of women working on the roads, digging ditches, working on rubbish trucks, going down sewers, working in mines, doing furniture removal….when did you last see a woman doing the hard physical work that it’s taken for granted that men do ? I have a photo of my husband with the team who did a lot of work (the old-fashioned way, for the most part) on a walkway around a nearby lake. All men, of course. I wonder how many women would have been even let to do this work.

    In the 1840s, it was decided that mine work was too heavy and dangerous for women and youths-but not, of course, for men.

    • Gezza

       /  9th September 2017

      You’re the poster girl for feminism, Kitty! ❤️ ☘👍🏼

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  9th September 2017

        Ha ha. It’s the grossest insult to make a great to-do about women doing things that are expected of men-horribly patronising-look at the number of women who are mayors, judges and so on. They have just got on with it and done it, I expect.

  6. Alan Wilkinson

     /  9th September 2017

    A large part of the reason Green support has slumped is stupidity – first from Metiria and then from the rest. And Jacinda now offers another option with a smiley face and a tonne of media support for the stupid vote.

  1. Green ‘inspiration’ – promoting gender imbalance — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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