Mexican earthquake

Yesterday there was a major 8.1 earthquake centred just off the coats of souther Mexico. there have been many aftershocks in the 4-5.7 range.

CNN: Mexico’s strongest earthquake in a century leaves dozens dead
At least 38 people have died after the most powerful earthquake to hit Mexico in a century struck off the southern coast.

The magnitude-8.1 quake, which was felt as far as Mexico City and Guatemala City, was registered off Mexico’s southern coast just as heavy rains from Hurricane Katia lashed the east. The epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean, some 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) southeast of the capital and 74 miles (120 kilometers) off the coast.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said the temblor — felt by about 50 million people across the country — was the strongest earthquake Mexico has experienced in 100 years. In September 1985, a magnitude-8.0 earthquake killed an estimated 9,500 people in and around Mexico City.

This one hit late Thursday, when many people were asleep. The states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, home to about 9 million people, are located closest to the earthquake’s epicenter. They are two of the most impoverished areas in Mexico, and were likely hit the hardest.

At least 25 people were killed in Oaxaca state, according to the Oaxaca Civil Protection Agency. Ten others died in Chiapas state and three were killed in Tabasco, local officials said.


This shows the number of aftershocks and also the proximity to a plate boundary:


The plate boundaries in the region:

Image result for mexico plate boundaries

So similar to the west coast of the South Island, the Cocos Plate is driving underneath the Caribbean Plate, but there is also a collision with the North American Plate near to where these earthquakes are occurring.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  9th September 2017

    Aftershocks are buggers. People are in enough of a state of terror; the aftershocks must be terrifying beyond anything that anyone who hasn’t been in them can imagine.

    I remember how ghastly and dispiriting it was when the Christchurch ones would wait until things were being rebuilt then knock them down again.

    • Gezza

       /  9th September 2017

      Yes I feel for them. The Seddon series quakes & aftershocks from the Kaikoura earthquake put me on edge for a while. I always wonder if something that rocks Welly about like the first one that rippled up & down the south & central north islands might trigger one our region’s four major or many other minor but potentially destructive faults.

      Doesn’t to have been any major modern building collapse like the CCTV one there, thank goodness. Wonder what the full death toll will be. No doubt NZ earthquake specialists have already offered assistance. Will not forget those who came from all over to Christchurch.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  9th September 2017

        I was on the 14th ? 16th ? floor of the Westpac building in one; there was a girl who had arrived from Hungary not long before, and she was green in the face with fear. The whole building swayed merrily to and fro as if it was on springs, quite a novel sensation.

        I knew someone who was in the Napier one.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  9th September 2017

          I remember how the Japanese ones had to leave almost immediately because a really bad one had hit Japan and they were needed there. Awful.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  9th September 2017

            Japanese earthquake workers in Christchurch, I mean.

            One small thing that made me realise what the quakes could be costing NZ was when the Listener didn’t arrive….I rang them, and they said that it was delayed because (for reasons I forget) it was having to be posted out to all subscribers. The cost must have been enormous, as this happened for quite a while-and that was a very small thing in the scheme of things.. .


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