‘Most important problems facing New Zealand’

Roy Morgan has a poll that gauges what are the most important problems facing New Zealand, and compares that with the World.

Respondents were asked: “What do you think is the most important problem facing the World today?” and then “What do you think is the most important problem facing New Zealand today?”

Most Important Problems Facing New Zealand and The World - August 2017

That’s quite a different response on ‘War & Terrorism’, indicating New Zealanders see major problems around the world but don’t think they apply here.

In text: Most Important Problem Facing New Zealand:

  • Economic Issues 27.9%
  • Housing/Homelessness 26%
  • Social Issues 15.6%
  • Government/Public policy/Human rights 11.1%
  • Environmental Issues 8.0%
  • Health Issues 3.6%
  • War & Terrorism 0%

People’s voting considerations are much more complex than single issues though.

Specific problems:

Most Important Problems Facing New Zealand and the World - August 2017

Text: Most important problems facing New Zealand:

  • Poverty and the gap between rich and poor 16.5%
  • House prices and housing affordability 15.8%
  • Housing shortages and homelessness 10.2%
  • Government/Politicians/Political unrest 5.2%
  • Immigration/Refugees 4.8%

Source: Roy Morgan interviewed a representative cross-section of 1,003 New Zealanders in August 2017.



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  1. NOEL

     /  9th September 2017

    If Kiwis were aware just how many are employed in the “war on terrorism” in NZ it wouldn’t be zero.

  2. PDB

     /  9th September 2017

    Roy Morgan August 2014

    Most important issues facing NZ – economy 41%, social issues 24%, govt/policy/human rights 19%, environmental 6%.

    Most important world problem – Total war/security/terrorism 35%, economic 29%, social 14%, environmental 11%.

    Text: Most important problems facing New Zealand:
    Poverty and the gap between rich and poor 18%
    Economy/recession 9%
    Govt spending 7%
    Unemployment 6%

    So what this election seems to be about compared to the last election (aside from the economy which has still dropped around 14%) is housing which have gone from very little importance back in August 2014 (4%) to major importance leading into this election (26%).

    Those 5000 construction workers Labour has set aside (where 55000 are estimated to be needed) are going to be quite busy it seems. Of course if the economy tanks all will be equally poor, house prices will collapse, and the country will see the great exodus of Kiwis into Aussie which will free up more housing.

    • Blazer

       /  9th September 2017

      like to see evidence about 55,000 construction workers needed!Sounds like someone made it up.National have form with that sort of behaviour.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  9th September 2017

    The most important problem facing NZ is that it is likely to be governed by people who don’t want to do anything, have never done anything, and don’t want anyone else to do anything.

    The consequences are obvious. You can see them here in SA where huge numbers are employed in nothing jobs – waving people into,parking spaces, standing watching the world go past as security guards, being domestic servants and gardeners and commercial cleaners. All hoping someone else is doing something productive. A tragic world.

    • Blazer

       /  9th September 2017

      yes we can all become tenants in our own country,Boys from the Blackstuff,like….’carry your bag Mr Rich foreign R.E mogul?

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  9th September 2017

        Unlikely, B. Why would Mr Mogul want to come here when doing anything is outlawed? More likely most of the country will be trying to rob each other or avoid being robbed while the few struggle on trying to do something while funding an army of bureaucrats trying to stop them. Of course the poor will get robbed most and worst because they are less able to defend themselves.

  4. PDB

     /  9th September 2017

    Ardern better get her magic wand out again……..

    • PDB

       /  9th September 2017

      A reply to the above points out Robertson’s/Labour’s hypocrisy;

    • PDB

       /  9th September 2017

      • David

         /  9th September 2017

        The state is clearly going to provide a fully climate control house for every person in the country, Labour is going to make it the LAW.

        • Gezza

           /  9th September 2017

          One hopes Steven is putting all these points together in list of interjections for Bill during the final debate, in between trips to empty out the buckets of sweat in his office? 😳

  5. Blazer

     /  10th September 2017

    the global right wing agenda.Charles Hugh-Smith..
    ‘Turn everything into a commodity that can be traded on the global market:land, leases on land, options to purchase land, houses, buildings, rooms in slums, labor, tools, robots, water, water rights, mineral rights, rights to air routes, ships, aircraft, political power, shares in corporations, government bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, student loans that have been bundled into debt-based instruments, the income from city parking meters, electricity, software, advertising, marketing, media, social media, food, energy, insurance, gold, metals, credit, interest-rate swaps and last but not least, financial instruments that control and/or pyramid all the real-world goods and assets that have been commoditized (i.e. almost everything).

    Why is this the essential first step in World Domination? Once something has been commoditized, it can be bought and sold in the global marketplace in fiat currencies–currencies that are not backed by any real-world asset and that can be created out of thin air by central and private banks.’

  1. ‘Most important problems facing New Zealand’ — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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