The Nation: welfare, social investment and poverty

This morning on The Nation :

What’s the best way to provide for those who need help? and talk welfare, social investment and child poverty.

These are two MPs not generally to the forefront of election campaigning. Tolley is 11th on National’s list, Sepuloni is 8th on Labour’s. Both are electorate MPs.

Tolley talking about what the Government has been doing to improve help for beneficiaries, and what is planned to happen in April next year through their Families Package.

Sepuloni is doing little more than reciting Labour’s election lines, in line with what Ardern and others recite. Some of them quite are quite misleading.

The main points from al of the panel – Lisa Owen, Patrick Gower, Fran O’Sullivan and Sue Bradford – was the vagueness and stark lack of policy on welfare from a quite likely incoming Government led by Labour. Fairly scathing from all of them.


  1. Chuck Bird

     /  September 9, 2017

    What I found very disturbing was Tolley’s soft attitude towards historic sexual abuse of children.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  September 9, 2017

      Don’t we have enough Maori in jail?

      • NOEL

         /  September 9, 2017

        “Exposure to maltreatment in childhood, including sexual abuse, severe physical punishment and inter-parental violence, is an issue of growing concern in New Zealand. The present study examined the associations between ethnic identity and exposure to childhood maltreatment among a longitudinal birth cohort of individuals born in Christchurch in 1977. Participants of Maori ethnicity reported higher rates of exposure to physical punishment and inter-parental violence, but did not report higher rates of exposure to sexual abuse.”

        You really are a piece of work Alan.

      • Chuck Bird

         /  September 9, 2017

        Alan, stop changing to topic. I was talking about sexual abuse of children. Even if Maori were over-represented which they are not there is no need to change this to a Maori bashing issue.

        This issue is Tolley’s lack of concern about sexually abused children.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  September 10, 2017

          I didn’t change the topic and you don’t own it anyway. I’ve lived in places where Maori sexual abuse of children was a painful issue. Maybe you haven’t. Do you think Turei’s comments in the article I linked was Maori bashing? If not, I’ll accept your grovelling apology in advance.

          • Gezza

             /  September 10, 2017

            Well, it looks like that little exchange of views went about as well as I expected, all things considered. 😕

      • phantom snowflake

         /  September 10, 2017

        Given the political ideology you adhere to, shouldn’t you be expressing your contempt toward Maori individually rather than collectively?