Chinese voter poll shows similar trends

A poll of 1300 Chinese voters shows strong support for national but also shows similar trends to general polls.

  • National 71.1% (down 2.4)
  • Labour 21.6% (up 5.8)

This is from NZ Herald with a silly headline: Poll: National will be back in Government if Chinese voters had their way

They don’t give any other party results but say that NZ First was down 2.4% and Act was down 2.0%.

The results are based on responses from 1300 Chinese New Zealanders who were eligible to vote in the September 23 election.

The WTV-Trace Research Chinese Poll is backed by local Asian media company World TV, and conducted by Trace Research Ltd, an independent market research consultancy.

Labour MP Raymond Huo has had a griizzle about the polling.

National List MP Jian Yang is believed to be the Chinese MP who would be the one to most effectively serve the Chinese community in the next three years on 44.8 per cent, followed by Labour’s Raymond Huo on 18.8 per cent.

Huo has written to the University of Auckland questioning the vadility of the poll, saying it “may not be robust enough to prevent it from some systemic abuse”.

“It appears to be nothing more than an online opinion survey ‘based primarily on the Chinese social media WeChat’ which is said to have more than 700 million subscribers worldwide,” he said in a letter to Professor Jenny Dixon, the university’s deputy vice-chancellor

Huo said the poll had been taken seriously because of Herald reports and its association with the University of Auckland, where Dr Zhu, is an honorary research fellow.

A university spokeswoman said the poll was carried out by an independent market research company and the university’s involvement was limited to a member of staff who helped proofread the Chinese-to-English translation of the results.

Zhu said Huo could “rest assured” that there were mechanisms in place to exclude those who are not based in New Zealand.

Zhu said it was common for elections to “bring out partisanship”.

Polls also.

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  1. sorethumb

     /  11th September 2017

    New Zealand’s future is with Asia” – Jim Bolger

    Cracks me up how people get so riled up about immigrants. Especially them chinese.

    Dime loves em – i like their food, i like their reasonably priced b**** jobs, i like that they only seem to commit crimes against each other, i like that they have made me a fortune in property, i like that they built me a kick ass house.

    Auckland deserves better.
    Ian Shirley
    Historically speaking housing has played an extremely important role in providing stability and security for successive generations of New Zealanders.

    That has now changed. The extreme version of economic fundamentalism adopted in New Zealand over the past few decades and especially over the past nine years has seen central government trade home ownership for property speculation and a casino economy. Property developers, speculators and those with assets shifted investment away from the productive economy into buying and selling property. The cost of housing got out of control fuelled by a ‘gung ho’ approach to immigration that has placed a burden on Auckland with significant ramifications for young families and households seeking affordable housing. At the same time state housing has been run down as part of government’s privatisation program.

    That is one of the most damaging aspects of swamping vulnerable populations with immigration. It essentially transfers the costs of high immigration to low-income households and especially Maori and Pacific populations who have been adversely affected by the market fundamentalism of recent years.

  2. Blazer

     /  11th September 2017

    I thought they might just go through the phone book,and ring those with….chinese sounding…names!

  3. Zedd

     /  11th September 2017

    This actually shows why Natz were so angry about Labour making comment about ‘people with chinese-sounding names’ (relating to property speculators).. the truth is they dont want to upset a sector of society who seem to vote Natz.. & are buying up large amounts of real estate in Akld & driving up the prices (>$1mil)
    ** its got nothing to do with Labour being ‘racist’ as they claimed.. pure politicking ?! :/

    • If you can’t see why going through a list looking for people with ‘Chinese sounding names’ and then labelling all these people as offshore Chinese investors is wrong then you have some issues.

      Here’s a clue – The first Chinese man arrived in New Zealand in 1853.

      • Blazer

         /  11th September 2017

        yes and just because every auction room you ventured into was full of oriental looking people,it doesn’t mean that more than 3% of them were chinese ,or representing chinese buyers.

      • Zedd

         /  11th September 2017

        oh dear.. how sad pdb

        btw; Otepoti has a large chinese population (we even had a major; Peter Chin) but they make every effort to fit in here..
        *not like in Akld were they have a chinese TV channel (freeview ch28) & seem to be running much of the real estate market (in the wealthy suburbs).. go figure that

  4. Zedd

     /  11th September 2017

    I heard a rumor that the Natz have promised, if they win another 3 years, they will rename Akld; wait for it… ‘New Beijing’ 😀

    • Gezza

       /  11th September 2017

      🤔 I heard “Fukzhou” ? 🤓

    • Corky

       /  11th September 2017

      I heard Jacinda wants to re name Wellington ‘New Stalin’

    • Patzcuaro

       /  11th September 2017

      We could just sell the naming rights to the city for a set period for an annual payment. If we going down that road then there is the Harbour Bridge, Queen St, all the volcanic peaks. Plenty of opportunity there for naming rights but we may run into issues with local iwi.

  5. sorethumb

     /  11th September 2017

    One third of construction in Auckland is being built by Chinese – due to “Kiwis not leaving” and our “rock star economy”

  1. Chinese voter poll shows similar trends — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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