CEO’s rate ministers and party leaders

In the NZH ‘mood of the boardroom election survey’ CEO’s rate the performance of ministers and party leaders.

On a 1-5 scale where 1 = not impressive and 5 = very impressive:

  • Prime Minister Bill English: 4.13
  • Finance Minister Steven Joyce: 3.71
  • Education Minister Nikki Kaye: 3.62
  • Minister of Justice Amy Adams: 3.58
  • Paula Bennett: 3.56
  • Chris Finlayson: 3.49
  • Simon Bridges: 3.18
  • Anne Tolley: 3.11
  • Todd McClay: 3.05

I can’t find a rating for Jacinda Ardern. Odd.

Other party leaders:

  • David Seymour (ACT): 2.85
  • Winston Peters (NZ First): 2.76

Winston won’t like that.

The other leaders: James Shaw (Greens), Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox (Maori Party), Gareth Morgan (The Opportunities Party) and Peter Dunne (United Future, who bowed out before the survey was completed) all rated at less than 2.5/5.

From A strong mood for change among business leaders



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  1. PG: “I can’t find a rating for Jacinda Ardern. Odd.”

    She tends to hang out with school children and is barely seen by CEO’s to even be considered for a rating.

    It does make you wonder if she is not mentioned because she wasn’t rated highly (how could she be?) hence didn’t fit the ‘strong mood for change’ narrative. All the mentions she gets from the CEO’s are all about her being young, of a different generation and personality – all fluff.

    “They finally have a charismatic leader”

    “She’s got youth and she’s got energy”

    “There was a clear sentiment it was time for generational change”

    • Gezza

       /  12th September 2017

      They probably all have their female PA’s busy as, typing up magazine style advisories on charm offendives, passing them any girlz goss, & schoozing tips for how to chat her up & win her over when they meet her, if their worst fears are realised. Probably includes things like best kind of chocolates, cosmetics etc.

      • Gezza

         /  12th September 2017

        Blast! I thought I’d feckin read that ! 😡

        * offendives = offensives
        * schoozing = schmoozing

        (According to Blazer – & Paula herself – Paula does the schoozing.)

    • I see on Kiwiblog they mention Jacinda Ardern was rated 3.81 (only behind Bill English).

      Must have been purely on the fact she is young, female, talks fast and represents ‘generational change’.

      • Gezza

         /  12th September 2017

        Imo, some of these young uns are getting too carried away with generational changes. How come we seem to have so many bleedin asexuals & gender identity-confused potential voters these days?

  2. Zedd

     /  12th September 2017

    Im guessing all these CEOs dont vote Labour or Greens; pretty pointless exercise.. sez I&I 😦


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