Greens versus Labour

Tensions are rising in the Green camp with them hovering around the threshold in a number of polls.

There are efforts being made in social media to rescue the Greens from parliamentary oblivion. It’s common to see things like ‘if you want a Labour led progressive government volte Greens’. This is annoying some Labour supporters.

There are also tensions over Labour ‘stealing’ Green policies and also campaigning strategically to try to out manoeuvre the Greens.

The Memorandum of Understanding has become a sham, and of course each party wants to maximise it’s own party votes.

But frustrations and fears of failure are boiling over.

From The Standard (which has become more Green the Labour):

Jacinda Ardern in her interview with Espiner this morning wouldn’t even indicate a desire, never mind a preference, to have Green MPs in Cabinet.

If NZ Labour can go into coalition with NZF, they will. (Ardern held that out as a possibility).

If you merely want National gone, then vote for NZ Labour or the Greens or NZF or the MP.

But if you want Liberalism challenged within the beehive, then the only way to vote is Green or MP.

The Spinoff: Greens anger at Labour seeps out in attack on ‘petty’, ‘half-arsed’ climate policy

At the Back Benches debate in Auckland last month, a Green Party supporter held aloft a sign that declared, on a green background “Campaigning against climate change since last century”. And, on a red background, “Campaigning against climate change since last weekend”.

That “last weekend” was, of course, the Labour Party campaign launch, where new leader Jacinda Ardern had told a smitten Town Hall that climate change is “my generation’s nuclear-free moment”. Ardern rejected suggestions that this was a tactical appeal to Green voters to decamp – climate change should be at the forefront of every party’s thinking, she said.

There was a Twitter spat between Green and Labour staffers.

It concerned the two parties’ climate policy unveilings, with Labour seen by some to have attempted to gazump the Greens’ big announcement on Sunday with their own on Friday, and began with Auckland Labour councillor Richard Hills’ exasperated tweet. “I love my Greens whanau,” he wrote. “But ‘Labour is stealing our policy’ one day, then ‘Why is Labour not in line with our policy?’ the next day.”

In response, Greens staffer Deborah Morris-Travers wrote: “Could have been collaboration that saw Greens announce climate policy and Labour welcoming it instead of trying to beat it with half-arsed version.”

Hills’ response: “That’s ridiculous. So the lead opposition party is not supposed to have a policy on the biggest issue facing our world?!”

Morris-Travers – who until recently was the Greens’ chief of staff – countered: “Of course they should but doing a rush job to try and get something out on Friday before the Greens on Sunday is petty.”

At this point Neale Jones, Labour’s chief of staff, leapt in. “Deborah, there was no rush job. I told Greens personally well in advance of our policy plans, as I always told you. Only change was venue.”

Morris-Travers: “Media perception was different to that. Either way, as I always said, Neale, mutual respect is necessary and I think people are right to question where Labour is at.”

Jones: “Media perception sure, but accusation could go both ways. Both parties had planned climate policies for same time, we discussed and were cool.”

Neale Jones has been venturing into Twitter quite a bit.

Labour’s approach to deep-sea drilling and coal mining has been attacked already by the Māori Party. Ardern’s refusal on RNZ this morning to rule out approving new developments in either was leapt on by Greenpeace. “If climate change is our nuclear free moment, then oil, coal and gas are the nuclear bombs. Today Jacinda had an opportunity to walk the talk, but she failed.”

That failure be Ardern to speak against mining and drilling got quite a bit of social media attention.

The ‘everyone for themselves’ seems to have reached the highest levels:


  1. There’s been a lot of this sort of thing:

    • Pete Kane

       /  September 13, 2017

      Let’s remember Little arrived back on a wasted (as it turned out) National (Conservative Party) base vote.

  2. robertguyton

     /  September 13, 2017

    He said, she said, Pete?
    You’ve written this post in a very convincing “gossip at the hairdressers” style. Still ghosting around the halls of The Standard, I see.

  3. David

     /  September 13, 2017

    The Greens approach to only working with Labour was always a dumb move and showed them as more a lefty party than a Green one, if the environment is your biggest concern then you would work with anyone who wanted to protect it. Glad they are having their lunch cut and hopefully go under 5% and can be re born as an environmental party without the far left baggage.

  4. Zedd

     /  September 13, 2017

    One poll showing the ‘Jacinda effect’ may have peeked & all of a sudden the likes of Gower (right ?) are almost ‘creaming themselves’.. he even went to so far as to say ‘Greens are GONEski’ (his word). at 4.9%

    All I can say is, it just proves that those who work for ‘private media’ (besides RNZ) are obviously promoting ‘3 more years’ (for Natz) maybe they should stick to reporting the news & not trying to skew public opinion !

    btw; its one poll.. theres another due out tomorrow (colmar/brunton ?) we shall see what they say.. also as has been stated many times; these polls tend to be Landlines only & generally favour the Right !

    The only real poll will happen on 23/9 :/

  5. Ray

     /  September 13, 2017

    Haven’t you got your own blog Robert and when I checked to see how well “Te Standard” was dealing with a bad rogue poll (badly) there you were being proved a misguided fool over there as well.

  6. Gezza

     /  September 14, 2017

    Metiria made an unabashed, determined, ruthless, totally transparent, long-running, full-on campaign of assault into Labour’s rohe to try & grab as many Green Party newbie fans as she could for her own rock concert, in spite of the hapless Andrew The Barker appearing with her on their MoU Concert posters as a double-bill act.

    Unfortunately, as we all now know, Metiria’s rugged campaign exposed a number of skeletons that had been previously covered up, left several supporters, & not a few members of her own whanau & hapu, battered & bleeding, & members of her own political gang of harpies & pot smokers screaming at her to ‘FGS, STFU!’, & altered a steadily upward-trending Green rocket trajectory into, first, a parabolic curve, & then a vertical dive.

    In the end, she sang so far off-key, so loudly, for so long, she was promptly hooked off the stage by the management & packed off to some sanatorium in the bush somewhere to have a ponder or two & try & get her shit together. (Which is going to be rather a hard ask from now on, one suspects.)

    At the same time, Andy The Barker was struck full in the face with the poll results that finally helped him see that bits of his own juddering Sopwith Camel were falling off all over the place, that now even half the propeller had just gone west, that he was totally out of ammo – most of which had taken out what was missing of the propellor – & that his own flight path plainly showed a very bad crash landing for the Labour Squadron star pilot – & probably their entire Officers Mess – was on the cards. In very short order. So he bailed out in time for tea.

    So then they chucked a youngsta from a farm into a Cessna, gave her a quick tart up, an improved layout but still patchy flight plan, a 20mm auto-cannon & an unlimited supply of hellfire missiles, told her what their “allies” the Greens had done, said “Go get ’em, Tiger!”, and here we are!

    James probably doesn’t even own a water-pistol! Not with two mums! They’ve got no show against the steely-grinning Red Baronness!