The Peters-Espiner interview

Guyon Espiner interviewed Winston Peters on RNZ this morning. It was widely regarded as not very flattering of Peters. Perhaps staunch supporters still think he’s got what it takes but it raises serious doubts of his capabilities.

RNZ link: The Leader Interview – Winston Peters

A $3 billion costing for New Zealand First’s policy to remove GST from basic food was a mistake, Winston Peters has told Morning Report.

Mr Peters said his party’s policies were costed at $10bn over seven or eight years, he said.

Taking GST off basic food would be $600-700 million, he said, and the mention of $3bn on the party’s website was a mistake by someone in his team.

“In fact I had a discussion with my team just about two days ago about correcting that,” he said. “Parties make mistakes and in this case it’s been corrected, it should have been corrected.”

The NZ First website had clearly showed GST would come off food with no mention of ‘basic food’.

The party would leave it to a group of ordinary men and women to decide what foods would be considered basic, though Mr Peters said bread would be on the list, but chips and biscuits would not.

This flatters Peters.

The best coverage is from The Spinoff with transcripts: ‘Words do mean things’: Highlights from Guyon Espiner’s brutal interview with Winston Peters

Morning Report’s Guyon Espiner had been reading NZ First’s website, apparently a lot more than Winston Peters. He asked, mostly, what its content would cost. He did it over and over and Peters almost never had an answer. For a man who was, until recently, subject of semi-plausible speculation about his potential to be prime minister, he appeared astoundingly ill-informed.

Over and over Espiner honed in on what these big, blustering populisms would cost, over and over Winston dissembled and guessed (almost always incorrectly, sometimes by upwards of a $1b on a single policy).

But the interview became an instant classic less for what Winston didn’t know and more for the pure entertainment value it contained.

I wouldn’t call it entertainment when that is how someone who could decide who runs the next government performs. Peters was embarrassing.

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  1. A Sunday paper appears to be readying a story on Winstons Medical issues could be the nail in the coffin if the lawyers give the go ahead

    • Pete Kane

       /  14th September 2017

      Kerry who? Comment like that, name your self – or crawl back under a rock. (BTW, I’m not voting Peters).

  2. Hence why if Peters decides the govt I hope he choses Labour – that would have to be the most shambolic interview I’ve heard for some time with a major party leader.

    The problem for Peters nowadays is that his mind isn’t as sharp as it once was hence thinking up lies on the spot is almost beyond him now – and it shows.

    • Patzcuaro

       /  14th September 2017

      Peters has never given a coherent interview in his life, he is the son of Muldoon, carrying on that thread of the National Party. You should be proud of him carrying the torch for the great leader Sir Robert Muldoon, brought the country to its knees only to be saved by the Labour Party.

      • Considering Muldoon was actually practicing socialism/govt control I suggest Ardern should be right at home with Winston at her side.

  3. Gezza

     /  14th September 2017

    He’s toast. (I made an accidental blimmin typo typing that on this tiny FiP on-screen keyboard. I mistyped it toad. I nearly left it!)

    • patupaiarehe

       /  14th September 2017

      Bollocks G! 20% on the 23rd 😛

      It’s no secret the media often enjoy the bizarre exchanges with Peters as much as he does – besides, the Parliament ritual of bridge run just wouldn’t be the same if he stopped and simply answered the questions.

      • Gezza

         /  14th September 2017

        Hmm. Yes. Well. Perhaps those ever-diminishing circles have now reached a point where he may suddenly disappear up his own rear end? 😳

        Which would bring us to the tricky question of a replacement leader? Any thoughts there?

        My own thinking at this point is that with The Joneser on the scene, & the little lackey guy possibly feeling somewhat miffed about the prospect of a porno boy hitting the straps (so to speak) the selection process might be somewhat akin to the St Valentine’s Day Massacre?

  4. Jack P

     /  15th September 2017

    It was a hatchet job by Espiner and those leading questions were pathetic. I could ask Guy a question,” 20 years in journalism and why are you so unprofessional with your questioning by putting your little antics in.” I loved the pencil and paper props and the laughter. And what about my favourite, ” Don’t you think you should retire?” paraphrased. People are so dumbed down that they think he actually asked important questions. Winston should have let him finish his question and just say no. Next?

    • patupaiarehe

       /  15th September 2017

      I’ve always thought it interesting that someone with the name ‘Guy One’s Spinner’ was a reporter for One News. Just saying…

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