Q+A: Ardern, English, Shaw & Peters interviews

A good chance to see how the leaders of the four largest parties are shaping up and holding up as the campaign heads into it’s last week.

Which party will form New Zealand’s next Government?

Political Editor Corin Dann interviews the leaders of the four biggest parties: National leader Bill English, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, Green party leader James Shaw and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

Host Greg Boyd is joined on our panel by Dr Claire Robinson, Robert Reid and Fran O’Sullivan.

Why do they keep including obviously biased people in their panel?

I hope they give disclosure about Reid. He is general Secretary of First Union, and has openly supported Labour policy – Press Release: First Union

Labour’s employment policy gives working peope something to vote for

The 27,000-strong FIRST Union has described Labour’s newly Employment Policy as giving its members something to vote for.

“FIRST Union represents a large number of low paid and vulnerable workers,” said Robert Reid, General Secretary of FIRST Union.

“The current employment relations laws are stacked against low paid workers and their unions meaning many working people are unable to make ends meet from one week to the next.

“It is pleasing to see the Labour Party putting forward policies that will reverse all of the anti-worker changes made to the Employment Relations Act by the National Government over the last 9 years, as well as promoting longer term policies that will prevent the race to the bottom on wages.

“Together with Labour’s health, housing and education policies this employment relations policy shows a stark difference to the policies of the current government that have failed working people over the last 9 years,” said Reid.

English started under pressure but became more assured as the interview progressed.

Ardern look far less confident than before, perhaps a hard campaign is catching up on her.

James Shaw throws a CGT spanner in Labour’s works:

Interestingly no poverty in his priorities.

And a twist from Winston:

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  1. Zedd

     /  17th September 2017

    Corin Dann looked like he got out of bed on the wrong side & the ‘expert’ panel just showed which side of the fence they sit on..
    I didnt see anything new or particularly controversial from the MPs; all mostly ‘on message’ BUT English did seem ‘on the back foot’ on Natz constant ‘attack dog strategy’ & fear-mongering on Labour’s financials.. inc. $11.7bil hole, widely disputed by economists


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