Roy Morgan: key issues

Quite different to others, but quite different choices and wording of issues.

“The economy and financial crisis” – what financial crisis?

Over a similar (but shorter) time period from Reid Research

There was no health option from Roy Morgan.

I think it’s difficult to get much out polls like this.

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  1. Corky

     /  17th September 2017

    ‘Don’t know’… they should use that filter as a way of stopping these follk voting. Obvously, they would have trouble in the polling booth leaving their thumb print.

  2. chrism56

     /  17th September 2017

    The Roy Morgan poll only adds up to 53.9% and goes down to very small numbers. What do the other 46% think? Where their options free choice or push polling?
    The Newshub one goes to 98%, That means the respondents, would only have been given 7 options

  3. NOEL

     /  17th September 2017

    No long before the only poll that matters is published.

  4. David

     /  17th September 2017

    Ironic that the gap between rich and poor has actually been slowly closing, housing affordability is still at its recently historic average but notwithstanding the need for a sizeable deposit, Our homeless rate on the OECD scale has us at around the same level as Japan and I think 4th best.
    We dont actually have much to complain about and the issues are so microscopic our opposition cant even find a solution because they cant find a “real” problem hence Jacinda has working groups planned to find something because she hasnt yet.


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