Poll: Davis leads Harawira easily

According to a Newshub/Reid Research poll  Hone Harawira isn’t close to winning back his Te Tai Tokerau seat off Kelvin Davis.

  • Kelvin Davis (Labour) 67.4%
  • Hone Harawira (Mana) 30.3%
  • Godfrey Rudolf (Green) 2.3%

Davis got 43.90% in the 2014 election to Harawira’s 40.53, with the Maori Party candidate getting 11.65% and an independent getting 2.05%.

Party vote:


That looks good for Labour, and also for NZ First, with little change for the Maori Party.

There is a relatively high margin of error of 4.98% meaning a low sample size.

And the polling was carried out over two months from about 12 July to 12 September and a lot has happened in politics over that time.

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  1. Tipene

     /  19th September 2017

    For as long as Hone keeps up the “angry, dispossessed Maori” narrative, even his own people will keep kicking him to the kerb.

    He is way, way too emotionally and psychologically unstable for any responsible political role.

  2. I think it might be much closer..
    btw; I watched ‘Election Aotearoa’ (maoriTV) last evening with the ‘Te Tai TOKErau’ candidates, there is a forth one.. but as per usual, doesn’t get a mention in MSM; Maki Herbert Co-leader, Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party.
    She suggested they implement Hemp farming & create an industry/employment, but the host thought she was saying ‘Grow more Dope’ & asked ‘how will that help get them any jobs ?’ Ignorance is… bliss ??
    Increasingly it seems that these other ‘minor parties’ are deliberately being cut out/denied air time. 😦

  3. Grant Harris

     /  28th September 2017

    Mana lives Because I say it Does MeihanasVote Is Mine I want to make sure it counts.I want you to get it. If you Join Together. TOP, mana, Maroi, that 7.5%,under MMPresident your allowed At least we Won’t Be sutures out and will have a voice and Whakapapa koha.Kia Kahana. I’m South Island Harris Christchurch, te tunga . Born of this Lands Iwi as all is one different we are together, accept move forward .

  1. Poll: Davis leads Harawira easily — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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