A full of bull election

This election campaign has been full of bullshit – there has been a lot of deliberate misinformation, and many false and misleading claims. All the larger parties have been guilty of this.

Some of the biggest bluster has come from National, and it continues. Newshub:  Steven Joyce still backing Labour’s alleged $11.7b fiscal hole

Steven Joyce is still backing his claim of a gaping fiscal hole in Labour’s budget, despite numerous economists saying his $11.7 billion calculation is wrong.

The National finance spokesman told Three’s The Project on Tuesday evening that nobody disagrees the opposition’s numbers don’t add up.

“Everybody’s agreed there’s a hole… the only debate is about how big it is and Labour are trying to fill it with their seven taxes,” he said during a bickering match with Labour deputy finance spokesman David Clark.

But Mr Clark called that “rubbish”.

“[Mr Joyce] has dug a big hole and he’s thrown his credibility into it.”


Mr Clark says Labour is being nothing but transparent.

“So we’re more transparent than they are and the big challenge to Steven is to lay out his account because Labour has been ridiculously transparent.”

That’s ridiculous nonsense. What will Labour do with tax?

Stuff:  Jacinda Ardern tells Kelvin Davis off over capital gains tax comments

Ardern said she was “absolutely clear” on the fact Labour would hold a working group, but refused to answer how far Labour was intending to go with its conclusions and suggested tax changes were more likely to occur in the first term.

“I’ve absolutely maintained our right, and my right as leader, to make sure when that tax working group reports back that I am able to act in Government in the best interests of New Zealand to try and address the housing crisis.”

Yes Labour were ‘transparent’ about their intention to form a tax working group, but absolutely unclear on what would eventuate.

So unclear Ardern changed her mind about when anything coming out of the working group would be implemented, deferring any changes until 2021.

Muddying this even more was James Shaw’s elevation on Sunday of Capital Gains Tax to a priority in Green negotiations.

Patrick Gower raises the bullshitometer:  National guilty of biggest campaign lie

It has been deliberately spreading misinformation that “Labour is raising income tax”.

This is not true.

The reality is that Labour has actually ruled out raising income tax.

What Labour has done is say that it will cancel National’s tax cuts that are due to come into force next year.

Yes, National has over-egged ‘Labour will raise tax’, but Labour (and Gower) are bordering on bullshitting here too. It depends on semantics.

Many income earners will pay more tax under a Labour government than under a National government – tax cuts of up to $1000 a year from next April are in the statute books, and Labour say they will change the law, effectively raising tax from what is currently legislated for.

Greens have put themselves on an honesty and integrity pedestal, but desperate to save themselves from falling below the threshold they have been promoting some major bullshit too.

They have added a banner to their billboard that I drive past each morning. It says something like:

‘The only way to get a progressive Labour+Green government is to vote Green’.

And of course there is the veteran bullshitter.

From The Spinoff:  Tinkerbell the pretty communist and other things the dairy farmers said

Peters harangued the crowd in that stabby way of his, telling them the National Party had “secret deals with the Māori Party” and a “secret deal with iwi around the country”, and that straight after the election we were going to learn that National, like Labour, was going to introduce a water tax.”

Peters later told media he had “a letter in my briefcase over there” (though he didn’t ask anyone to go and get it).

Several others tried simple straight questions, and Peters ducked and dived on every one of them. He didn’t seem to mind. He wasn’t there to win the crowd, he was there to use the event to dominate the news that evening.

Scott Smyth, a dairy farmer from Karapiro, asked Peters whether, if he was in government with Labour, he would stop the water tax. Peters wouldn’t say.

Peters claims he knows of a ‘secret deal’, implied he had evidence, but as he often does he didn’t produce any. and he woukldn’t commit to stopping a water tax either.

Peters may or may not be king maker after the election but before it he wears the bullshit crown.

The dishonesty of all parties in this campaign has made it an election full of bull. Voters are poorly served by these levels of dishonesty.

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  1. Tipene

     /  20th September 2017

    Yes I agree – and yet we continue to indulge them every three years, vote for the same, and then go about our business, arriving at the next three year cycle mortified that our lack of will for change has resulted in an outcome we don’t agree with.

    I would suggest that the primary reason voters are so dis-serviced is because the majority of us put up with what we are offered.

    It’s like the grumpy bugger mechanic down the road who gets your car fixed, hands you a greasy invoice, and won’t provide a service breakdown of what he did, and because it’s convenient & cheap, you won’t travel a couple of km down the road to the mechanic who has better gear, nicer staff, a transparent billing system and might charge a bit more.

    • Conspiratoor

       /  20th September 2017

      Well said mr t. I mix with dozens of folks in a normal day and ive yet to find one who exhibits what you might call a ‘mania’ for the incoming pm. It’s more like ‘same outcome with more visual appeal’

  2. duperez

     /  20th September 2017

    National hasn’t over-egged ‘Labour will raise tax’. Whether what they’ve been saying is true is irrelevant. They’re trying to create an impression, create uncertainty, create fear.

  3. Zedd

     /  20th September 2017

    Natz are all about fear-mongering, to cover up their shocking record over 9 LONG years; supporting only the 50.1% who kept them in power & trampling on the rest of us !

    What a Disgrace/B-S 😦

  4. I feel a tax working group is likely to just be a euphemism for implementing Gareth Morgan style tax reform, sorely needed, but without the gareth effect, I could even imagine him sitting on the tax working group!

    • Joe Bloggs

       /  20th September 2017

      I see the Gareth Effect is working it’s little six-toed sox off at present…

      Gareth Morgan says his reaction to Labour’s surge in the polls after Jacinda Ardern took over as leader was to think voters “cannot be this thick”.

      Frankly, it appears that 98.4% of voters are well-clued up, eh Gareth…

      I just don’t feel that I am in a position to gauge reality.

      At least he nailed it that time.


  5. Alloytoo

     /  20th September 2017

    The problem with Labour vagueness around tax is that any opinions as to whether or there is an $11 billion dollar hole in lab ours budget are just that opinion. IMHO the hole is real, perhaps not that big today, it it will be by the time they’re finished.

  1. A full of bull election — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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