Agreeing with Winston

I agree with Winston Peters on a couple of things.

NZ Herald: Winston Peters ‘confident’ of winning Northland

That’s not one of them. I have no idea what his chances are in the Northland electorate.

During a question and answer session, where Peters answered questions on everything from capital gains tax to why Queen St only had one public toilet, he also said he would put the national anthem to a referendum.

No one ever sang it in pubs, he said.

I more or less agree on the national anthem. I would far prefer to have a decent secular singable version of the anthem than the cringy dirge we have as our most sung one and the archaic inappropriate alternative that I used to have to stand for at the pictures.

But this is a surprise suggestion from Peters. He was very critical of John key putting the flag up to be decided by referendum.

And I’m not sure NZ First’s older conservative constituency would like to see the dirge ditched – Winston must have been pitching to a different audience.

He was also asked about being the “kingmaker”, which he criticised as a pointless question.

“I despise that phrase frankly. I nor my colleagues are in the job to be king or queen maker,” he said.

“I wish media would elevate their sights a bit more …

Media have been promoting Winston as ‘kingmaker’ just about all century. Some of them seem obsessed with the term. Patrick Gower was throwing the term around with gusto on Newshub news tonight as he tried to make his final poll bigger news than the election.

Apart from being lame and stale there are two major problems with the term.

We have no idea who will get to call the shots after the election. Peters (and NZ First) are just one of a number of parties that could be able to negotiate – David Seymour, Marama Fox and James Shaw all have a chance of being in potentially pivotal positions.

And the reality of MMP is that the largest party, or the largest two parties if they are on similar levels of support, call most of the shots. Number of seats makes a big difference to bargaining power, and National and Labour will call the most shots.

If Peters loses Northland he will have less mana, mandate and negotiating power.

There’s also a chance he won’t be in parliament at all if NZ First miss reaching the threshold.

The drama kings and queens of the media use Peters as a proxy for their own imagined power.

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  1. Gezza

     /  September 21, 2017

    God Defend New Zealand” is one of two national anthems of New Zealand, the other being “God Save the Queen”. ”

    “God Save The Queen” was New Zealand’s sole national anthem until the 1970s.

    Which one should we keep?

    I like good old GDNZ. Snot a dirge, it’s a nice melody. God, have you listened to some of the horrible cacophanies of screech & howl some countries have – in the Middle East, or South America, for example.

    If we got rid of it, imagine the screaming scrag fights over bloody Welcome Home, Po Karekare Ana, Six Months In A Leaky Boat, Slice of Heaven or something horrible by bloody Lorde! Picture Melissa Stokes shrieking, or Giggles Bradford wittering on, about the issue on 1ewes!

    Save the wails!

    Winston will have to go! 😡
    😬 Who else have they got? 😳