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    • Corky

       /  21st September 2017

      In other words go against our democratic ideals. Cause billions of dollars to be spent on technology. Cause us inconvenience and time wasting.

  2. sorethumb

     /  21st September 2017

    Ethno nationalism
    “THIS has been a good summer, cinematically, for the United Nations. That world body is the unlikely co-star of “Wolf Warriors 2”, a hyper-patriotic action film that has broken all box-office records in China, earning nearly $900m to date with its depiction of a former People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commando battling African rebels and evil American mercenaries to rescue Chinese citizens from a war-torn African country. To the usual action-flick staples—car chases, fist-fights, crashing helicopters—the Chinese-made movie adds a fortifying dose of international law. Lantern-jawed Chinese military officers wait for the UN Security Council to approve their use of force, after asserting a legal right to self-defence. The final scenes show the hero delivering his compatriots to a base guarded by PLA peacekeepers in UN blue helmets (earlier, a Chinese-American doctor has tried summoning marines from an American consulate but hears only an answering-machine, for the yanks have run away). A Chinese passport fills the screen as the closing credits roll, with a message that citizens of the People’s Republic will be protected wherever they are on earth.
    This is a very Chinese view of the UN’s role. The film offers no opinions about the African rulers and warlords causing such mayhem, let alone the human rights of locals. “Wolf Warriors 2” is about China looking after its own. The UN is there to offer legal sanction for that display of sovereign power.”


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