Balanced politics, and unbalanced Stuff

On the eve of the election Stuff has a very unbalanced political page, favouring Winston Peters, Labour and Greens.


And that is negative for National and TOP.

The Herald is more general and more balanced:


Very balanced at RNZ:


Very good to see information for voters prominent at Newshub:


The two large parties dominate at 1 News:


The Spinoff features the last pre-election poll from Newshub (asimilar result to Colmar Brunton) plus general election information.


Newsroom focuses on Maori (not positively), Labour and the Greens.

Overall today’s election coverage looks very balanced, apart from Stuff in particular and also Newsroom.


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  1. George

     /  22nd September 2017

    It’s the ‘Fake News’ but of an Antipodean nature

  2. Tipene

     /  22nd September 2017

    My goodness the media like to stimulate themselves, don’t they?

    :No matter what WE do, no matter what WE say,no=one seems to take us very seriously any more”.


  3. The MSM have been terrible this election campaign – way too caught up in slogans, soundbites and gossip.

    For something as economically destroying as Labour’s industrial relations policy (if you can call it that, so vague and ‘non-transparent’ it is) to barely get a mention and to not be one of the biggest issues of the election campaign is astounding.

  4. Gezza

     /  22nd September 2017

    Stuff the msm. They’re useless. Even ma gave up on paying any attention to them.

  5. George

     /  22nd September 2017

    Research showed that from August 5-20 there were 94 images of the two major party leaders. English featured in 23 images (24.5 per cent); Ardern featured in 71 images (75.5 per cent). English had 13.3 per cent of front-page images to Ardern’s 86.6 per cent.

    • Blazer

       /  22nd September 2017 much exposure did Joyce,Coleman,Bennett get compared with their opposites.How many pro Nat columns from Fran O’,Trevett,Young and co?


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