This is the last day of the campaign!

Today is the last day of the election campaign for 2017. I’m sure many politicians, candidates, journalists and others such as myself will be relieved when it’s over.

All billboards and other public advertising must be removed by midnight and out of sight by election day (ridiculous given the number of advance votes these days), so campaign teams will be busy today cleaning up their efforts to entice voters.

If you want to promote any candidates or parties here get it done today, because you won’t be allowed to tomorrow because of electoral law.

I won’t be doing any posts on New Zealand politics or the election during the day on Saturday, to reduce the risk of anyone breaking the law and putting the site at legal risk.

I will put up an election night post for anyone who wants to comment after voting closes at 7 pm.

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  1. NOEL

     /  22nd September 2017

    And no more political cold calling on the lsndline.
    Geez after I put myself on the no cold calling register we rarely had any.
    Why can’t those political twits check first?

  2. If Winston is part of any govt this could be the election where a loss is actually a long-term win for the major party not forming govt. We are also due for some sort of world economic downturn which will affect our finances. If that is the case it may be better for the economy that National stays at the helm for at least another term to keep the ship steady and better control costs. Additional taxes, large spending and a major overhaul of workplace relations under Labour/Greens would be the last thing we would need in globally difficult economic times.

    If not Labour this election then surely it will happen for them in 2020.

  3. Gezza

     /  22nd September 2017

    Ma said yesterday she didn’t watch the last debate. That she’s had enuf of “all that rot”. And that she’s already voted – for Greg O’Connor & Party Vote Labour. She’s not bothered about whether Jacinda is too inexperienced to run the country because “They don’t run the country. They’re only the front people. Other people run the country”. She means Public Service Officials, Treasury wallahs, & the like.

  4. Miss Ardern had to attend her grandmother’s funeral today, you would think some of her front bench colleagues might help with the last days campaigning.
    Nope, just proves what a lack of depth and decency there is in the Labour Party.
    Fail, again.


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