1.2 million advance votes

There have been 1,240,740 advance votes this election.

In 2014 there were 717,579 so there are nearly twice as many this time.

There were 2,416,479 votes in total in 2014, so there nearly 30% advance votes. This time it looks like being closer to 50% advance votes.


Advance votes that aren’t special votes are being counted from 9 am today. The Electoral Commission has a target of reporting them by 8.30 pm tonight, so there will be a big chunk of votes counted by then, possibly earlier.

That may or may not give us a good idea of what the final result may be. Polls were fluctuating a lot during the advance vote period (the last two weeks). If there was a late swing that won’t be evident until most votes are counted tonight, and then there will be a lot of uncounted special votes that could swing things again, further or back the other way.

Votes that were cast at the same time as enrolment are special votes so they won’t be counted today, they will be included in the final count on 7 October. Last election there were nearly 300,000 special votes.

There could be anywhere from 0.3 to half a million special votes this time, so if the result is close tonight, especially if any of Greens, NZ First or TOP are close to the threshold,  there could be a lot of uncertainty about the result for two weeks. If results in key electorates Northland and Epsom are close there will be further uncertainty.

We will find out a lot in a few hours time, but may have to be patient for a couple of weeks.

Daily totals for 2017 are approximate only and may be subject to change.

Date 2017 General Election 2014 General Election 2011 General Election
Wed-Sat 49497 18818
11 September 39570 22234 8893
12 September 48238 22846 8845
13 September 66084 23950 9750
14 September 72932 29033 11041
15 September 82422 31753 13399
16 September 89480 46200 20115
17 September 45306
18 September 105228 60966 27841
19 September 123307 62595 32937
20 September 133813 86021 38380
21 September 180887 122017 64137
22 September 253473 160467 80402
Overall total 1240740 717579 334558


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  1. Conspiratoor

     /  23rd September 2017

    A definite trend. More awareness, convenience, changing habits. Anyone remember life before weekend shopping?

    Watch for the momentum for online voting to grow…

  2. Gezza

     /  23rd September 2017

    Biting me nails here.
    ‘Ja vote? I said to the little chunky kiwi sheila when i picked up me hawaiian & mushroom burgers from the local Chinese.
    Yup. First thing, she says.
    Good man! I said. Oops sorry, good woman!
    Nope, she said. Happy with good man! 👍🏼
    ‘ja vote for the right people? says I
    Of course, she comes back with.
    Thumbs up.
    Nothing more needed to be said. 👍🏼 💪🏼 ☘ 👮☑️ 🌴 ☑️

  1. Election night | Your NZ

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