Despite mounting claims Trump calls Russian interference a hoax

The investigation of Russian interference in last year’s US election is claiming more evidence it happened, but Trump claims it is all a hoax.

This has been messed up more due to Hilary Clinton promoting her book and claiming she was hard done by.

The pinnacle of US politics is not a pretty sight.

CNN: Trump says this is all a hoax. Mueller, Congress and Facebook disagree

Special counsel Robert Mueller and three congressional committees are investigating Russian interference in the election, but President Trump is still telling his fans it’s a “hoax.”

Trump has used the “Russia hoax” label at least once a month since March. He said it again in a tweet on Friday — that scrutiny over Facebook ads from Russian-linked accounts was just part of the continuing “hoax.”

There is mounting evidence to the contrary. National security officials and congressional leaders agree that Russian meddling must be thoroughly investigated.

But the president continues to deny it.

“He has a very difficult time separating out the fact of the Russians affecting the election and the outcome,” David Sanger of The New York Times said on CNN’s “New Day.”

With a pair of tweets on Friday, Trump tried to turn the focus back to his opponent in the election. After calling Russia a hoax, he asked, “What about the totally biased and dishonest Media coverage in favor of Crooked Hillary?”

Trump was echoing conservative commentators who say he won the election in spite of grossly unfair media coverage.

Hillary Clinton has been on a highly successful book tour for the past two weeks.

During the book tour, Clinton herself has sharply criticized the news media’s influence on the election. Her view is that the press went relatively easy on Trump, partly because they thought Clinton would win, which gave him a big advantage.

Trump has an opposite view. “The greatest influence over our election was the Fake News Media ‘screaming’ for Crooked Hillary Clinton,” he tweeted on Friday. “Next, she was a bad candidate!”

In effect he’s saying “look over there,” at media bias, “not over there,” at the mounting evidence that Russia tried to sway the election in his favor.

New leaks and revelations emerge every day about Russian meddling in the election. Some of the stories describe connections between Russians and people in Trump’s orbit.

Facebook’s role in inadvertently spreading Russian propaganda, some of it explicitly anti-Clinton, has come into focus this month. On Thursday, the company pledged to hand 3,000 Russia-linked ads over to Congress, and it announced a nine-point plan in response to election interference.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg clearly doesn’t think the talk of Russian interference is a “hoax.”

Fox News: Trump launches tweetstorm against Kim Jong Un, Rand Paul, ‘Russia hoax

Earlier this month, Facebook uncovered approximately $100,000 spread across approximately 3,000 ads in fraudulent ad spending across its platform tied to the 2016 presidential election. The “potentially politically-related ads” were bought from accounts with U.S. IP addresses, but the language was set to Russian, Facebook said.

While Trump accused the media of promoting Clinton, in her new book “What Happened,” Clinton blamed the media — and many other factors — for her loss.

The involvement of the media in the US election was complicated. It’s difficult to judge who they helped or hindered more. Trump wouldn’t have succeeded without them giving him so much attention – it’s unlikely he would have even been nominated if it wasn’t for his successful playing of the media, so it’s ridiculous that he now accuses the media of working against him.

Some media coverage certainly was negative (some of it was justified) but that probably helped Trump. And media support of Clinton probably worked against her campaign as much as for it.

But back to the Russian interference, surely it is very important that this is investigated properly, for the sake of the integrity of US democracy, as tainted as it is.

And it is improper of a president to trash an investigation into his campaign and into members of his campaign team.

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  4. Joe Bloggs

     /  23rd September 2017

    Great post PG. This’ll flush out all the denialists.

    Manafort’s headed for the wood chipper by all accounts, with Flynn not far behind him… and so it seems is Kushner, saved from an ignominious firing from the WH team in July only through his relationship with trump.

    • David

       /  23rd September 2017

      This has been a paid advert by the Committee to Investigate Russia. You of course realise if this is indeed true, the US has completely legitimate, and justifiable grounds to go to war with Russia, which is odd given you horror at the idea of a war with North Korea.

      On that note, here is Morgan Freedom declaring war on Russia, this just gets funnier by the day.

      • Patzcuaro

         /  23rd September 2017

        Freeman is more presidential than the current POTUS.

        • David

           /  23rd September 2017

          Well, he’s spent two films pretending to be president, perhaps that’s what gave him the idea to declare war on Russia?

      • Joe Bloggs

         /  23rd September 2017

        David, what on earth makes you think that I have no concerns about America declaring war on Russia?

        Trump’s volatility and unending ability to amaze the world with his stupidity means that a declaration of war against the very people who helped him get elected is quite feasible.

        Are you off your meds again, dear fellow?

        • David

           /  23rd September 2017

          The funny bit about this is that if the Russians really did ‘steal’ the election with $100k of Facebook adds, they will almost certainly win any war. They are clearly strategic geniuses. Hillary spent $400m just for scale.

          Of course you have managed to ignore exactly what it means for the FBI to be picking the locks on someone’s house at dawn, not to mention a security service that very clearly leaks like a sieve.

          As for the meds, I can say they just leave me finding the whole thing immensely amusing. Almost as funny as war with North Korea, but without the bad haircut.

        • David

           /  23rd September 2017

          Just to add one fun fact, the amount spent by the ‘Russians’ on Facebook adds is less than a single day’s operation of Mueller’s investigation. How many hundreds of millions do you reckon it will end up costing? $400m? $1bn?

          All the North Korean’s have are nukes, the Russians have the FBI to fuck up America.

  5. Kitty Catkin

     /  24th September 2017

    Am I imagining it, or did Trump claim Russian interference at one time ?

  6. Alan Wilkinson

     /  24th September 2017

    Meanwhile back in the real world Trump’s accusation that Obama wiretapped his campaign has proven correct.


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