Eagleson quitting PM’s office

Wayne Eagleson, who has been the Prime Ministers’ chief of staff for nine years (for John Key and Bill English), is quitting after coalition negotiations are complete.

Stuff:  National Party’s most senior adviser resigns

National leader Bill English’s chief of staff Wayne Eagleson has resigned.

Eagleson has been a pivotal figure for the past nine years in the National government, and Stuff has been told he will stay on for the next few weeks while negotiations carry on to form a government.

Eagleson was particularly close to former leader John Key and stayed on after English asked him to do so following the change of leadership.

But he had been widely expected to go after the election.

So it’s no surprise, and a logical time to quit – unlike the Green chief of staff and also their political director who both quit with their party in crisis heading into the election campaign.

Once private secretary to former Prime Minister Jim Bolger Eagleson was often said to be the one running the country when Key was out of town.”When Eagleson says it, Key says it,” many an insider has been known to say, and the MPs believed it too.

Eagleson was one of the earliest appointments English made, before he himself was formally appointed in fact – a testament to just how much his strategic mind is valued by the National Party.

He has been hugely influential behind the scenes in National and his attributes of being calm and unflappable were seen as contributing to the Key Government’s success.

It’s an important position. Helen Clark also had a dependable and long serving chief of staff, Heather Simpson (H2).

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  1. Where is H2 now, I know she went to New York to help Helen Clark but now?

  2. robertguyton

     /  25th September 2017

    Eagleson gone because National is finished.

    • I don’t know why he is leaving.

      Do you know why the Greens’ chief of staff left them in the lurch at a critical stage of their campaign?

    • Trevors_elbow

       /  25th September 2017

      Please refer to Supertramp…. they have a song especially for you…… “can you put your hands in your head….”


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