Negotiating teams being assembled

Patrick Gower says he has goss on coalition teams being assembled after making a few phone calls today.

He also claims “the most important thing” he has learnt is that “a senior NZ First source” told him “it is 50-50” whether Peters chooses National or Labour-Greens. One would expect that would be a normal sort of starting position for any negotiations and not a breathless headline.

The Greens are notable by their absence from Gower’s ring around report. Left right out?

The teams:

NZ First – Brian Henry, long time friend and lawyer of Peters.

National – Gerry Brownlee, Todd McClay and Wayne Eagleson

McClay’s father Roger (National MP from 1981-1996) has been a ‘top advisor’ of Peters in the past. I don’t know if it is from information given or trying to join dots but McClay (Todd) is Minister of Trade and Gower suggests “a trade position could be offered to Peters…remember, you heard that here first” – given Peters’ contrary position on the TPPA and other trade deals that would raise a few eyebrows.

Eagleson has just announced his resignation but has said he will stay on until negotiations are done. He may be controversial as he has been mentioned as possibly being involved in or in the know about the leak of Peters’ super overpayment. Gower speculates wildly about the timing of Eagleson’s departure (which it was unexpected).

Gower claims that Peters hates Steven Joyce so that rules him out of the team – will it also rule him out of the finance portfolio?

Labour – David Parker, Annette King and considering bringing in Michael Cullen.

Parker is one of only two incoming Labour MPs with ministerial experience. King goes back nearly as long as Peters in Parliament. Cullen goes back a term earlier than that (to 1981).

Jacinda Ardern might feel a bit out of place, she was born in 1980, after Peters first entered Parliament.

Gower also says there is “already one victim” – last term speaker David Carter, who has had a fractious relationship with Peters. If Peters gets to have a say in who the speaker will be that could be an interesting situation in Parliament.

Maybe National could just threaten to leave Carter as speaker unless he sides with them.

But this is very early days with all of this.

From Newshub: Winston Peters’ choice between Labour and National is ’50-50′ – senior source

And, ah, did Paddy forget someone? Where do the Greens fit in?

Maybe they don’t. They may have resigned themselves to being Winston’s and Labour’s doormat again, or maybe they simply have no power and no choice.

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  1. Apparently Miss Ardern has never spoken one on one to Winston.
    Talk about living in a bubble for nine years

    • I think that is going to be one of Labour’s biggest challenges. Peters has shown open disdain for inexperienced and young MPs, especially leaders. Putting King and Cullen in the negotiating team won’t mask the youth of Ardern, it will accentuate it.

    • Gezza

       /  25th September 2017

      Miss, or Ms?

  2. David

     /  25th September 2017

    The Greens loose all leverage by hitching their cause solely to the Labour party.

  3. Conspiratoor

     /  25th September 2017

    As lurch’s mate Mike said tonight, there’s nothing in a coalition for Winston. He’ll sit on the cross benches and cherry pick whatever legislation fits his agenda

  4. robertguyton

     /  25th September 2017

    Ardern will have Helen Clark negotiating on her behalf -wake up, guys!

  5. Gezza

     /  25th September 2017

    James could send his two mums?

    • Gezza

       /  26th September 2017

      Downtickers – 🖕🏼

      They could be quite good negotiators!
      Their boy’s done all right for himself. 💪🏼

      What are you?

  6. Gerrit

     /  26th September 2017

    Hopefully the Greens grow a giant pair and enter the negotiations with strong demands such as cabinet positions for the environment and social welfare. Make a powerful “bottom line” (language that Winston understands) for full inclusion in the negotiations and consequential government.

    For without the Greens, Labour / NZ First don’t have the numbers and we go back to the polls in a short time.

    Going back to the polls could be a double edged sword for the Greens but at least they enter them from a position of height on the moral high ground. Being ignored and walked roughshod all over in these negotiations could be the deathknell of the Greens.

    Why would anyone vote for a Labour lackey in 2018?

    Possibly force NZ First to National but at least the Greens have established a clear position and be able to create a viable difference in voters eyes come 2020 if National / NZ First govern the full next term.

    They simple have to step from behind Labour’s coat tails and be seen in their own magnificence. But they have to grow a pair first. Can they? No more MOU’s you Greens!!

    • Gezza

       /  26th September 2017

      No one would be stupid enuf to ever contemplate an MoU with Greens again.
      Not after that last disaster where the Femunists went after labour’s voters!

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