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  1. Post Sep. 27th 2017
    A terrorist entered today an Israeli settlement in Jerusalem and killed 3 Israelis. He was shot to death.1.
    The Arab news agencies: “Israel killed a Palestinian”. They never mentioned that he came to kill, and did Israelis.
    This is the difference in the reliability of the news coming from Israeli sources and the ones that come from Arab sources.
    2. What was the reason for this killing? The terrorist had problems with his wife. She left him to Jordan. In a letter that he wrote to her, he said that she was a good wife and he was a bad husband. He wrote that when she will read this letter he will be no more alive. He did it because he wanted to die as a Shahid which entitled his wife to get a shahid salary, from the Palestinian Gov to the rest of her life. He organized everything for her.
    So, the reason to this murder was not the problem with Israel. The reason was internal family problems.
    This is the Arabs ethics.
    3. One of the victims was a Muslim guard who lives in Abu Gosh, a friendly village near Jerusalem. In an interview with the Israeli radio, the murdered brother said the following: “They are animals. We talk about having peace and they kill people. As I know them and I understand their language. They don’t want peace. They want just to ki8ll. They pull the time. There will never be peace with them. I can assure yo9u. We must fight them and kill them”. These are words of an Arab Muslim that was born, grown up, educated and live in Israel. Th9is is the di8fferencebetween Israelis, in general, and the Palestinians.
    4. But there are also many Arabs, on both sides of the border that want to live in peace. The problem in the Muslim leaders. They want war/fight, so they must go/vanish first.
    5. A small Israeli exit. Another one. I hope that you are not tired of reading about Israeli exits. The software giant “SAP”, bought “Gigya” for a little as $350 million. This is not the best business, but it is one more of the Israeli well of innovations.
    6. The problem of the Arabs of Israel is not Israel, It is they. We see that more and more young Arabs volunteer to national tasks like hospitals, helping elderly people, and assistance in schools and kindergartens, participating in social works. This is due to the fact that they don’t want to serve in the IDF. Their leaders, the politicians, reject it, but they don’t listen to them as they see that the STD of living of the people that work is much higher than of the ones that don’t work. So, today, they study and work. There was a street referendum. According to the Israeli Institute for democracy, the result was that 55% of the Israeli Arabs are proud to be Israelis.
    There is no doubt about it. If we compare between the following Arab states: Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and the lives of the Arabs in Israel, only blind people, and/or completely brainwashed people will say that it is better to live in Arab countries, the mentioned above and none mentioned.
    So, the enemies of the Arabs are not Israel/Zionism. The enemy is the Arabs/Islamists. It does not matter Sunnis and or Shea.
    It must be said that in Lebanon, according to official statistics, the Palestinians suffer from apartheid, they are killed in vast numbers, and they suffer from the Syrians and the Hezbollah. The Palestinians are not allowed to use the Lebanese health services, They are not allowed to have assets, and they are restricted to work in a long list of professions.
    For many years, actually, since 1948, the Palestinians live in Lebanon but have no citizenship. To be more accurate, the Shea and the Christians have citizenship. Just the Sunnis, that are the majority, so far are not citizens of Lebanon.
    After so many years the Palestinians are no more Palestinians. They are Lebanese. But they are refugees.
    A report from 2010, issued by the UN refugee’s agency, said that 56% of the Palestinian Lebanese refugees are unemployed. Can you believe it? If not, read the official reports. A report from the last year said that the situation even went worse.
    The Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Muhamad Rashid Kabbani called the Palestinians “Unnecessary garbage”. Today the Lebanese build a fence around the refugee camp Ein El Hilwe. This will make them “Unwilled” people although they are brothers of the other Lebanese, speaking the same language, have the same religion, and the same culture.
    If we compare the situation of the lives of Israeli Arabs to the Lebanese in any parameter, the Israelis have a huge advantage on the other Arabs not just in Lebanon, as the situation in other Arab countries is not much better and even much worse.
    The Arabs are professionals in cheating. The7y are better in the lowest level of cheating. It is the self-cheat.
    So, the lives of the Palestinians in Lebanon are the worst of all Arab countries, although you think differently. Actually, it is the worst in the world. This condition is not temporary. This situation is constant.
    Please think of when/before you support Arab countries and blame Israel for apartheid and discrimination.
    Have Gmar Hatimah Tovah (God will mark you in the book of good people).
    In friendship

    • Gezza

       /  27th September 2017

      Al jazeera reported that he entered an illegal Israeli settlement in occupied territory was challenged & shot & killed 3 members of the Israeli security forces before he was shot dead.


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