Time for a Green alternative Eco-Eco party?

Is it time for an environmental alternative to the Greens? A party that is willing to work with anyone to achieve better ecological protections and repairs, but one that also supports sound and sustainable economic policies?

Green MPs and Green Party activists and members have made it clear they won’t try to do any sort of deal with National that would combine sound economic management with strong environmental and social advocates. See Greens dirty on dealing with the devil.

It is clear that there is a significant number of voters that would like to see that combination in Government.

But the Green Party is too committed to a fairly far left socialist style approach to feel comfortable working with a centre-right party.

Greens want to go with Labour+NZ First, despite it being often being pointed out that the actual differences between National and Labour in government isn’t substantial. Winston Peters is an ex National MP, and NZ First have some quite conservative policies that should be anathema to left wing Greens.

Regardless of these mixed standards it is clear the Greens want to be a Labour-left only partner.

How many voters are there who would like an environmental party that would work with any government to promote their causes?

Especially with the demise of other small parties there may be an opening for an alternative non-aligned Eco-Eco Party:

  • Ecology/environment – promoting the protection and repair of ecologies, doing more to clean our water, dealing better with climate change, reduce our pollution, improve our reduction in energy reliance, promoting non-polluting energy options.
  • Economy – recognising the need for a sound economy to enable the addressing of ecological issues, understanding that international trade is important, that large and small businesses play an important role, that while some wealth redistribution is important so is rewarding hard work and enterprise.

Ecologies are a fine balance. So are economies.

An Eco-Eco party could provide a green alternative, one that is prepared to do as much as it can to promote sound and sensible eco-eco policies all the time and not just when their preferred party partner happens to be in Government.

Such a party would attract support from non-aligned voters (a growing number of people don’t go with the old left-right divided nature of politics), floating Green voters, and also soft Labour and National voters looking for an alternative to the large and relatively inflexible large parties.

If the Greens aren’t prepared to let go of their strong socialist preferences then an Eco-Eco party may be viable.


  1. Corky

     /  September 30, 2017

    A split must come. Once the Greens are back in opposition, surely some of their members must start ruminating on never coming close to gaining power.

    National should help force a split by offering them an agenda of what issues they’d be prepared to negotiate on. The agenda paper should be sent to all Green MPs. I couldn’t see Green leadership passing on such a document in case party MPs started having second thoughts.

    • Zedd

       /  September 30, 2017

      It has often been said a ‘one issue party’ will never succeed (look at ALCP, struggle to get past 1%). Splitting the Green brand up into an ‘Enviro. only party’, will effectively do the same; I wonder IF it is just a strategy, by the right to ‘divide & conquer’ the Green vote.. if truth be known ? 😦

      • Gezza

         /  September 30, 2017

        With Labour & NZF both offering leftish policies the left’s crowded already – the Greens have only got hard left to go. They made a determined effort to pick up the Maori vote but I doubt there’s any mileage in them for that, so what votes they do get are probably for the eco side of their policies anyway.

        • Zedd

           /  September 30, 2017


          Ive mentioned this before; a previous Green MP (N.T.), when asked if the party are left-wing or right-wing, replied “neither we are the Green-wing” (paraphrase)

          whilst it maybe true that they align closer to the ‘left’.. environment/social justice issues are really issues for all people on planet earth.

          methinks it is those, on the extreme Right, who use terms like ‘loony left’ that tend to constantly put the greens on this side ?! whether they are or NOT 😦

  2. Patzcuaro

     /  September 30, 2017

    TOP may have a role to play were over the next 3 year if they carry. The money is there and they may be more flexible.

  3. Gezza

     /  September 30, 2017

    Someone should just start up a Femunist Party. Defections to that one might leave the Greens an Eco Party again? Might also gender re-balance their List? 😳
    Just a thought. Go on easy on the downticks eh? 😬

    • Blazer

       /  September 30, 2017

      I’m a fan of Britains Monster Raving Loony Party,and the Fishfinger Party is also starting to…sizzle.

      • Gezza

         /  September 30, 2017

        I used to think once there’d be votes in it for any party whose programme included subsidising chocolate biscuits but society has moved on since then. 😕

      • Gezza

         /  September 30, 2017

        Amateurs, Blazer. Amateurs. Here’s the msn to beat next time:

        “Among those to have raised the most eyebrows is Lord Buckethead, who appeared alongside Theresa May on the podium as results were read out for the Maidenhead constituency.

        Buckethead, a self-described “intergalactic space lord” whose real name is unknown, won 249 votes in the Berkshire contest. It is not the first time Buckethead has stood against a prime minister – a candidate with the same name took on Margaret Thatcher in 1987 and lost with just 131 votes. He also stood against John Major in 1992.

        This time around, Buckethead campaigned on a platform of strong but “not entirely stable leadership”. His manifesto, he declared after the results had been confirmed, delivered him a “new Buckethead record”.”


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