Environmentalists lobby incoming government

An open letter has been sent to sent to Bill English,  Jacinda Ardern, James Shaw and Winston Peters from environmental groups and lobbyists including Forest and Bird, Greenpeace New Zealand, WWF New Zealand and Fish & Game New Zealand.

It’s not very open, I can’t find a copy online, but NZ Herald reports: Leading environmentalists’ plea to the next Government

“A winner in this year’s election was the New Zealand environment. It featured as a bigger concern amongst the electorate than ever before. All of you through your party manifestos made commitments to improve the state of our environment. We congratulate you for those promises.”

It says there must be a more structured and transparent approach to tackling the greatest challenge of our time: climate change.

“New Zealand’s emissions have continued to climb and we need an ambitious plan on how to reduce them. “

They call for a new law to establish a statutory carbon budgeting process overseen by an independent commission to plan, monitor and report on the transition to “net zero by 2050”.

“Anything less betrays this and future generations.”

The letter says a key measure of environmental success will be ecologically healthy fresh waters which New Zealanders are able to swim in.

It also states the unique species of New Zealand are “the jewels in the crown of our national identity” and calls for stronger emphasis on conservation.

Increasing the Department of Conservation’s core budget must be a key component in that strategy, the letter says.

Lobbying was in full swing during the election campaign, and continues as we wait for parties to work out who is going to form a government.

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  1. Raymond Francis

     /  1st October 2017

    So a bunch who barely mustered enough to get into Parliament through their preferred party are now trying to influence how the country is run.
    How is this different from the top 10% running the World.
    Oh it’s different when you are “right”!

  2. As both Forest and Bird & Greenpeace are led by ex- Green MPs, is it lobbying or just cronyism?

  3. Blazer

     /  1st October 2017

    they say..there is no harm in…asking…or hoping!

  4. artcroft

     /  1st October 2017

    No point lobbying James, he’ll throw the environment under a bus if he can get National out of office.

  5. PDB

     /  1st October 2017

    “Increasing the Department of Conservation’s core budget must be a key component in that strategy, the letter says”

    Shit out of luck with a Labour-led govt then considering they have allowed essentially no extra funding for any govt dept outside of Health and Education in their much talked about ‘no fiscal hole here’ budget.

  6. Dave K

     /  1st October 2017

    Calling Fish and Game an environmental organisation is a joke. The outcome of its advocacy is the large-scale destruction of native aquatic biodiversity.

    Weekend warriors who have a born to rule attitude to management of natural resources

    • Ray

       /  1st October 2017

      This is the gang that ran a “dirty dairying “ campaign while their members spread didymo through the South Island rivers. And let’s not talk about what trout and the other introduced species do to our native species

      • Dave K

         /  1st October 2017

        Personally, I do keep trying to raise this issue but it seems aquatic biodiversity doesn’t count for jack. Certainly aided and abetted by Regional Plans that identify values such as ‘trout spawning’ and ‘recreational angling’ as the primary considerations for freshwater management. I don’t entirely blame Councils for this because the angling lobby operate like the mafia and if they don’t toe the line they end up get dragged through Environment Court facing endless litigation funded by fishing licences

        And don’t get me started on water conservation orders which are the height of the borne to rule arrogance…..over-ride whatever values the local community may have for their local waterways, just so some dentist from Wisconsin can go fishing once a year.

        As a great example, consider the appeal by F&G against the Round the Mountain cycle trail in Southland. Community initiative etc but had to go to court and ultimately re-route the cycleway along a stretch of the Oreti River just so as not to distract from the ‘angling amenity’. Yes indeed, who wants to see sweaty middle aged men in lycra, they might spook the big one….arrogant fu#$%wits.


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