With or without the Greens

James Shaw has made it clear, Green MPs and ex MPs have made it clear, Green supporters have made it clear – the Greens won’t try to do any sort of governing deal with National, this time at least.

This is despite some strong hints of accommodations from the National camp.

Stacey Kirk: Honour above the environment? Greens hold a deck of aces they’re refusing to play

There is no way the Greens can work with National.

They should, and the reasons they won’t work with National are getting flimsier by the day. But they won’t – it’s a matter that strikes too close to the heart of too many of their base – and for that reason, they simply can’t.

They prefer to stay staunch, holding out for everything and risking getting next to nothing. Or maybe not.

Well, National Party pollster David Farrar has “speculated” on what the Greens could potentially get from National in an abstention deal – purely for their vote on confidence and supply.

That could buy the Greens:

  1. $1 billion over ten years for cycleways
  2. A levy on nitrate pollution
  3. A South Taranaki Whale Sanctuary
  4. A levy on plastic bags
  5. Accelerated timetable for rail to Auckland Airport
  6. Doubling the funding for DOC
  7. $65 million a year more for predator-free NZ
  8. Stricter water quality standards to increase the number of water bodies rated excellent from 42% to 70%.
  9. A commitment to double the reduction of children in poverty from 50,000 to 100,000
  10. Double the reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 from 11% to 22%

Farrar is so far up in National that’s not speculation – that’s an opening offer.

Why waste time offering the Greens something they don’t want to do?

Maybe NZ First should pick up these policies, go with National, and claim credit for doing what the Greens won’t.

Greens would be happy, they would have indirectly helped achieve major policy wins, even if it means they slip out of Parliament because voters decide there is no point in voting for them.

It sounds like National would be happy to be seen as not just a centre right party but as a party that values economic prudence alongside genuine care for environmental and social issues, so they would be happy.

And most New Zealanders would be happy. With or without the Greens it could and should happen.

Farrar has been busy promoting a green agenda on Kiwiblog:

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  1. PDB

     /  1st October 2017

    That list of Farrar’s……..if National become govt they should just do most of it anyway thus making the Greens even more irrelevant to getting ‘green’ outcomes for the country & showing them up for what they are – predominantly far-left extremists.

    • alloytoo

       /  1st October 2017

      Jacinda en co have already shaken the stray labourites out of the Green tree, this is Nationals.

      National need to present a solid sensible option to the Greens, an offer that they shouldn’t refuse and when they do….well as PDB said.

  2. Blazer

     /  1st October 2017

    I’m sure National now want to…eat the ..greens,that they have had such little appetite for…up til ..now.

    • PDB

       /  1st October 2017

      Sounds like you prefer fantasy to fact, the current National govt have done plenty of environmental stuff during their term – much more than the previous Labour govt.

      The left have this misleading vision of National as true neo-liberalists which doesn’t match reality as I posted in detail yesterday.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  1st October 2017

    An excellent contribution from Nandor Tancos basically saying the Greens have to rethink their whole political strategy and stance and have worked themselves into an impotent corner:

    • Gezza

       /  2nd October 2017

      That’s very good Alan. He writes well & is a smart cookie is Nandor.


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