Media mania continues despite politics on hold

It was clear soon after the election nearly two weeks ago that not much could happen regarding the formation of a new government until the final results were in. They are due by 2 pm tomorrow (Saturday).

Instead of having a break after a hectic few months leading up to the election media kept going, looking for stories that weren’t there, and making up stories to fill the void.

Yesterday NZ First’s negotiation team met with both Natikonal’s team and Labour’s team. These meetings were always going to be little more than formalities that set things up for after the results are known, but media mania ramped up as if aliens were invading.

Mots voters have moved on from the election. there will be a bit of interest in the formation of the next government but that is out of voters hands, and it will make little difference to most of us.

Apart from the bullshit that is published and broadcast, the media mania about nothing much of importance makes it likely that real news is missed – avoided by the usually politically averse majority.

When there is some actual news how will a turned off audience be able to tell?

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  1. unitedtribes2

     /  October 6, 2017

    No sooner will they stop reporting on the forming of a coalition they will be contriving to destroy it.