“Green Fairies” are a symptom of unmet demand

A media release from Medical Cannabis Awareness NZ:

“Green Fairies” are a symptom of unmet demand

On Newshub’s 6 o’clock news last night, it was revealed 2 of the larger compassionate supplier’s aka “Green Fairies” are being prosecuted by the police, to the detriment of hundreds (potentially thousands) of patients.

“With over 140k people estimated to use Cannabis at least sometimes for medical purposes illicitly, it is no surprise that there are a growing number of compassionate suppliers in both quantity, and scope of their operations”.

“With the continued failure at the political level to resolve legal supply of safe sterilized Cannabis based products that a sickness beneficiary can actually afford, these people will be seen as martyrs and heroes to the patient community, and unfortunately it reflects poorly on the police”.

“The police seem quite able to turn a blind eye to the dealing of Class B Cannabis based products if your name was Helen Kelly, however the mere act of cultivating a C drug is viewed as a heinous crime that is beyond police discretion.”

“Police Discretion is an empty promise by Politicians to dodge the issue, Police I have dealt with fear setting a precedent by exercising discretion” says MCANZ Coordinator Shane Le Brun.

“MCANZ would like to see a political solution far more ambitious and detailed than provided by either of the major parties. We look to Canada as an excellent example to follow, where Cannabis products are so affordable that less than 2% of Medical Cannabis users seek permits to grow their own.

“Cannabis-based products are relatively simple, It’s just another Essential Oil.

“The Current regime ensures that only expensive products will be vaguely available, and that means patients will continue to break the law, often with the support of their specialists, and making criminals of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

“The costs are so high that I am aware of GPs and Specialists that are referring patients to “Green Fairies”.

“This is a direct response to increasing acceptance of its medical benefit, and the refusal to accept the cost of Sativex which is borne solely by patients”.

The domestic market in Canada is considered by MCANZ to be the closest model to ideal, where products are prescribed by GPs, and the cost per mg of active ingredients are 80% less of what is paid in New Zealand currently. Nevertheless, MCANZ is committed to advocating for patients for legal access in the current system, which can take over a year of advocacy to gain approval under the non pharmaceutical scheme and then months extra again to arrange import.

Shane Le Brun
Medical Cannabis Awareness Coordinator

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  1. I wrote about this in ‘media watch’.. There is clear evidence that synthetics are more harmful than natural herb, yet it seems that the Police are still targeting cannabis cultivation, as the main focus, of their War on Drugs ?!
    A cannabis drought; synthetics & meth/P are reportedly easier to get.

    There is clear evidence from countries like; Canada, many in EU & states in USA & Aust. BUT the ‘power brokers’ in Aotearoa/NZ appear to be just looking for excuses to maintain the status quo. Why ?

    btw; a coalition of NZF/Natz will likely just continue the status quo. Its been 8 years since the last medicinal reform bill (Greens) failed first reading. Now I think recently drawn bill (J A Genter) may also fail too, unless there is a clear change..

    Why is it that GP doctors can prescribe Class A opiates BUT not Class B/C cannabis (raw herb) or non-pharma extracts; which are supposedly LESS harmful. BUT have stricter rules.. again WHY ?? Mainly due to lies, misinformation & fear-mongering (42 years & counting) 😦

  2. i just wrote a long blurb ? did not post.. 😦
    but i also, wrote about this in ‘media watch’ string

    good onya SLB

  3. Pickled Possum

     /  11th October 2017

    I have made cannabis balm for a sick dying elderly relative who suffers pain, immense pain most days. When I apply the balm she is pain free for quite a few hours. She will not ingest it as she cannot cope with the paranoia of it being illegal and maybe going to jail. I tell her not to even think about legalities but she doesnt want to have the smell in her house on her clothes in her hair and skin. She is fearful of being busted this is very real to her. So I make the balm for her apply it and take it home with me. She cannot believe how fast and effective it is. I make this for her from roots and buds I am given for her. Her face becomes unlined and she is relaxed after I apply the balm. I will do this for her till the disease takes her. Sometimes I get angry frustrated and resigned that people with absolutely no fucking idea have the power to say No to medical cannabis. They have no real right to stop sick dying people from getting relief without toxic chemicals. I am waiting for the day Real people govern this land.


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