Media watch – Wednesday

11 October 2017


Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media.

A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy.

A general guideline – post opinion on or excerpts from and links to blog posts or comments of interest, whether they are praise, criticism, pointing out issues or sharing useful information.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  October 11, 2017

    Again. Fraud is endemic in the loony Left. Ask Meteria.

  2. Corky

     /  October 11, 2017

    The things people lose at airports and never claim.

    Apparently Auckland Airport will soon have a similar auction. I may fly down to that.

    • Gezza

       /  October 11, 2017

      How much can you fit on the broomstick? Do you have saddlebags, Corks?

  3. I read this press release headline;
    ‘As many as 2000 terminally ill patients, amputees and cancer sufferers
    have been forced to go without their cannabis-based pain relief after
    two police busts involving so-called ‘green fairies’.

    ‘Green fairies provide cannabidiol products either free of charge or for
    a small fee to those who say it helps ease their pain.’

    followed by this comment;

    ‘Police say their role is to enforce the law, but officers do have
    discretion over cannabis offences on a case by case basis.’

    I say ‘SHAME’ on the system/law that still allows this to continue; in 2017
    Most OECD countries have moved passed this B-S, to a more rational approach, BUT Aotearoa/NZ is still stuck on the prohibitionist fence !!

    If NZF go with Natz.. dont hold your breath for any change, anytime soon folks… 😦

  4. Zedd

     /  October 11, 2017

    I see on AlJz that, Mr DT has challenged Mr RT to an IQ test.. to see who is actually the ‘more Moronic ?’ 😀

    • Gezza

       /  October 11, 2017

      Who’s Mr RT?

    • Gezza

       /  October 11, 2017

      Oh – T-Rex Tillerson. It was mentioned on 1ewes. Item said Trump said it was fake news that Tillerson called him a moron, but that if it was true they should probably compare IQ test scores. 🙄


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