NZ First decision Monday, Tuesday, maybe

Inexplicably Winston Peters changed from a promise of a decision on the new Government by Thursday to deferring the decision to the NZ First board. And indicating this may have been an unexpected change of mind the board wasn’t anywhere near ready to meet and decide.

The current plan is for the NZ First board to assemble in Wellington on Monday and to meet all day, and then for the NZ First caucus to make a decision, and then announce it, maybe on Monday night, maybe on Tuesday, maybe.

This suggests that the negotiations have not gone to plan for Peters. It suggests that there has been more to discuss and work out than he anticipated, or that the decision is not as clear cut as he thought it would be. He claimed that he had no idea which way the decision should go.

This may mean that both National and Labour have given him heaps of policy concessions.

Or it may mean they have both played hardball, and offered NZ First policies in keeping with their 7.2% level of support.

Peters has said that now the offers are on the table there may be minor clarifications sought but no more meetings and no more negotiations.

“No. There will be clarification, but contrary to whatever is said we are not running a Dutch auction here.”

That suggests that both the deals may be good enough for him to go with as they are.

But can we take Peters at his word? Hardly. A fresh look at things by the board could feasibly raise overlooked issues.

And will that be the final word? Does anyone know?

It sounds like both National and Labour are waiting for Peters to announce the NZ First decision. We don’t know if that will be the final decision, or whether National or Labour can then choose to opt in or opt out.

And then there’s the Greens, but that’s worth a post on it’s own.

We have been assured of a NZ First decision by Monday or Tuesday or however long it takes, but that will be followed by public reaction, media reaction and possible reaction from National and Labour party members and supporters.

There is no real urgency, but there is no certainty either about what will happen next week.

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  1. Conspiratoor

     /  14th October 2017

    I can see a scenario where national play hard ball and winston loses leverage with labour. The greens base convince James principles over power
    Winston says fuck it, walks away, and chooses to sit on the cross benches and forces them both to dance to his tune

    • Conspiratoor

       /  14th October 2017

      until …and this is conjecture …bill says fuck it and calls an early election. Gobble gobble…

  2. “Read my lips. I didn’t promise a decision by Thursday 12. You can’t trust the video. The media are liars. And if they quote me on saying this, you have my guarantee I’ll call them out on it. Parasites.”

  3. Even if you take away the unrealistic promise of Thursday 12, it beggars belief that neither NZ First or the Greens appear to have a time line or a forward thinking plan in place to cover the various possible outcomes.
    That said, you have to wonder why Labour and National haven’t been chased by media as to how they intend to have the negotiations endorsed (rubber stamped).

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  14th October 2017

    No news is no news.

  5. George

     /  14th October 2017

    Decisions been made.
    This is just ego time for Peters.
    Then it’s back to his occasional rants


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