Serious consensus but no consensus

The NZ First meetings have completed with reports of serious consensus on some things (policies) but no consensus on a decision. The board has gone home and something else will now happen for an undetermined amount of time, after which consensus will be sought from the board.

I think the media have reached a consensus that the dicking around will continue indefinitely.

There’s no point in getting an idea of when a decision will be made because so far commitments have been vague except for the ones that haven’t been met.

NZ Herald:  Winston Peters emerges from talks: There’s still work to be done

The New Zealand First leader said they had got a lot of work done and the board’s engagement was complete and it was going home.

Peters said further discussions were needed with the leaders of both National and Labour.

The board had not reached a consensus on a final decision, but there was consensus on “the policies put to both sides and how far we’ve got”.

“We have two sets of policy arrangements, they’re obviously different because they’re different parties. The board knows precisely what they’ll both mean depending on what we do, if we take that choice.”

Stuff: ‘Serious consensus’ on policy in NZ First, but still no decision on Government

“We’ve spent a couple of days on very comprehensive discussions and preparations, for the party to make a final decision. The board’s engagement in terms of that work is complete, we’ve got things to finish off as urgently as we can.

“We’re sorting out differences of calculations and opinions and trying to make sure we’ve got, with both sides, a clear understanding so that when we do finalise it, we’ve already got the agreement rather than having to go away and write it again”.

Peters was unable to provide clarification on the detail of the deliberations, but said policy work inside NZ First had come to a completion.

“This is a case of policies that survived, and those are the ones that will be going into an agreement.”

When “every loose end” was wrapped up, and the two major parties had made clear what they wanted, then the NZ First caucus and Board would make a final decision.

If sense has to be made of what Peters has said here before any progress is made then it could take quite a while.


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  1. Corky

     /  17th October 2017

    Winston is looking like the proverbial warmed up. He may need someone to remind him of his age and years of hard living.

  2. Blazer

     /  17th October 2017

    ‘I think the media have reached a consensus that the dicking around will continue indefinitely.’…why would you think this?Pretty sure we will all know by the end of this..week.


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