Bitterness under the bus

Nicky guided a big bus over Whale Oil in 2014, and John key and National walked away. Cameron Slater is still bitter in a big way.

Slater used to promote politics done as dirty as possible, and tried to drive a few buses over others – most notably Len Brown immediately after the 2013 mayoral election, trying to upset a democratic result, and also Colin Craig in 2015. Slater seemed to revel in doing maximum damage and seem to care nothing about destroying reputations and careers both as a game and as a mercenary.

But he is not so keen when on the receiving end – the Whale has been wailing every since Nicky Hager bussed him, and since he was left in the dust by National.

His bitterness has been apparent in the recent election campaign, wishing disaster on National and on Bill English and National MPs and staff.

And he still holds a bus sized grudge over John Key deserting him.

Yesterday he posted: No hard feelings John, but no one gives a stuff what you think anymore

That’s kind of ironic, given how many stuffs are given to what Slater thinks now.

John Key’s phone must have stopped ringing, so he’s decided to come out and offer up his advice for coalition negotiations.

Key was opening of a new Trading Room at the Business School at the University of Canterbury and was asked. He didn’t write multiple blog posts every day.

What a dickhead. He saw this coming and bolted for the door that’s how much he cared about the situation. Now he has the temerity to offer up his opinion.

Piss off. He quit, that means STFU.

No it doesn’t, it means he is free to do and say what he likes.

We don’t care anymore what he thinks. What an attention seeking effwit…phone stopped ringing eh John?

No hard feelings, eh?

Sounds very much like projection of Slater’s on situation . He seems to hate that his phone stopped ringing three years ago, and still holds a grudge.

Comments and ticks were carefully scathing of Slater.

Christie’s comment was strongly supported:

He was opening the new Business School at Canterbury University. His comments were made probably in response to a journalist asking if he was in touch with Bill English. My belief is that he resigned when he did for the reasons he stated – particularly when there was another election coming up.

Bill English’s family have been treated with some respect by the media, but John Key’s kids were always fair game. Perhaps he felt – like many of us did – that a local rapper, being paid public money, writing a song about raping his daughter was a bit too much for him. Who could blame him? I don’t blame him for resigning – I just wish he hadn’t.

George Carter’s too:

Whether it was part of a speech or in a response to a journalist his point is fairly light and non intrusive. We’ve heard far more from other ex-PM’s and MP’s so i’m not sure why you’re so dismissive of his comments.

SpanishBride joined the wailing in response:

Probably because when John Key threw him under the bus after we were hacked and our private e-mails turned into a book for profit by Nicky Hager after working with the criminal Rawshark, John Key sent a message to him saying “No hard feelings.”

I suspect she misinterprets what “no hard feelings” meant there.

Wanarunna sort of supported the post:

Quite understand Cam’s reaction here. People don’t have to agree with it, and I don’t, but hey, this is Cam’s blog where Cam says what Cam thinks. Sometimes when I read comments on this blog I get the impression that some people think that Cam speaks for the Whaleoil Community (if there is such a thing), and if he says something they don’t agree with, then somehow he has it wrong. No, he’s just seeing things from his perspective, not yours.

A response to that resulted in a thinly veiled threat from Slater…


…but those two responses have now disappeared.

Such is the thin skin and censorship at Whale Oil. Slater has obviously got hard feelings after three years of being belted by a bus, and shows a lack of hardness when the political booting is from the other foot.

His attacks on Key and English and National are petty and largely impotent.

Slater claimed that National without his support would tank, and he predicted them polling in the thirties. One of the more notable outcomes of the election was how well National’s support held up in the mid forties, unprecedented in attempting to win a fourth term.

They seem to be managing quite well without Slater’s dirty politics.

Whale Oil survives as a popular niche blog, but not as a political player of any importance.

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  1. Corky

     /  18th October 2017

    Cruel words , Pete. lol. I think the Whaler is sniffing out Lefty trolls. They aren’t hard to find. I caught one with a simple spelling mistake on Open Forum.

    • Gezza

       /  18th October 2017

      That one’s not a Lefty bro.
      Hey I just plugged my Samsung 3G mobile in to the lappy to transfer some vid clips of Ella, left it in, fir a while doing a Java update (& some other update or other) & I think the lappy recharged the mobile. Do they do that? Do you know?

      • Gezza

         /  18th October 2017

        * fir = for, soz.

        • Pickled Possum

           /  18th October 2017

          Morena Gez The wild life stream Man….
          yep I am quite certain that recharging is going on there bro. Butt here’s the burn it may open you up to hacking by charging your phone on your USB connection from your computer. Uncle Google will tell you every thing you need to know.
          Where is Ben when you need some sound IT advice. 😉

        • Gezza

           /  18th October 2017

          Morena Possum
          This what you referring to?
          Tuakana was onto it like a robber’s dog

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  18th October 2017

          Of course a laptop usb port will recharge a phone. It supplies a power circuit through that connection to power any usb devices you plug into it.

          As for the Wifi security issue it is best sorted via updating your router firmware when a patch is released. Until then the chances of you being hacked via it are vanishingly small unless you are an enemy of a malignant State.

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  18th October 2017

            PS, if you are neurotic about it and/or can’t get a firmware fix for your modem/router then turn the Wifi off on that and install a wifi access point on your network that does have the patch for the WPA2 handshake security bug fix.

            • Gezza

               /  18th October 2017

              That is correct. The tuakana is neurotic. The gym & the protein sometimes help. He’s my brother though. I’m very fond of him, in ways.

            • Gezza

               /  18th October 2017

              That’s only the iMessages. There were multiple panicking emails about it as well.

    • Fight4NZ

       /  18th October 2017

      Who checked the speling for you?

  2. Blazer

     /  18th October 2017

    typical behaviour from the..right..John Who?

    • Blazer

       /  18th October 2017

      oh,thats right,John Key ,now Chair at ANZ,and director at Air NZ …I lived in hope he was off to..Hawaii…no wonder National try and sideline Kiwi Bank,how many ex M.P’s they got on foreign bank boards,these days!

  3. Tipene

     /  18th October 2017

    Slater has simply experienced the natural outcome that befalls all bullies – someone bigger and smarter than him said “Nah, not anymore” and then smashed his face in, using Slater’s own hands (and words) to do so.

    He’ll come back for more though – and then he’ll just get smashed again.

    I feel sorry for the missus – talk about Stockholm syndrome writ large.

  4. Pickled Possum

     /  18th October 2017

    “belted by a bus” 😎
    That’s Good pete.
    Wo and who ever that name encompasses imo are just stirring for relevance. They haven’t learnt yet to take there own advice and STFU.
    Negative speak and campaigning is the MO of WO, has always been his flavour.
    Why are people surprised when the Whaleoil staff write words only the dedicated followers of fashion, applaud. I mean any sane person would merely scroll past a link to that site.
    The well has truly dried up for the harbinger of Doom & Gloom with Naasty undertones.

    The Right Honourable 5 eyes is allowed a voice after he has done his best for his mates, sorry I mean for the country. I hear snippets from Rodger Douglas now and then.
    Sends shivers up me spine.
    ps lefty trolling … well if your gonna throw out smelly bait then yes expect to get reeled in,
    by a very classy feline.

    • Pickled Possum

       /  18th October 2017

      “ps lefty trolling … well if your gonna throw out smelly bait then yes expect to get reeled in,
      by a very classy feline”
      Is Act Party a Lefty Party now Gez? No. Didn’t think so.
      Whats that? Far Right ya reckon. almost out the door.
      Some people just gotta rewrite the History eh.

  5. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  18th October 2017

    Nicky Hager bussed him,

    I’ve never seen the verb –bus used like this… unless it means – kissed.
    Presumably P.G. is using it in a way that references the idiom .. to be thrown under a bus.

  6. Frankly, I don’t like Slater’s MO and neither do I condone an illegal hack of his emails. The hypocrisy over the latter is sickening.


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