Green portfolios leaked

The secrecy over the negotiation period and the lack of sharing of information between Labour, NZ First and Greens may have been wise, given how leaky the Greens have been since the government was made public.

Soon after the Green delegates were given information so they could rubber stamp their support of a Labour-NZ First coalition information has become available.

Newshub – Leak: Greens’ ministerial roles revealed

Newshub can reveal which roles the Labour MPs won’t be getting, with the following ministerial positions promised in the Greens’ agreement.

Climate change and associate finance are both expected to go to Greens leader James Shaw.

Climate change for Shaw is no surprise, it is his favourite issue.

Associate finance is also something Shaw would have been keen on getting, but it means Labour and Greens cover finance, and no NZ First there – unless there is a Ministry for Winston like he was created Treasurer in 1996.

The Greens will also have the conservation, women and land information portfolios, and associate roles in environment, transport and health.

Again conservation and women are no surprise, but only an associate role in environment is.

I’d have thought Julie Anne Genter would have been a good candidate for Minister of Transport but it looks like it’s an associate role only, if she is chosen by the Greens to be one of their ministers (she should be).

An associate role in health could be a significant one, if it is the role Peter Dunne has been doing. That covers drugs including cannabis and medicinal cannabis. In another leak Greens claim this policy agreement:

A referendum on legalising the personal use of cannabis by 2020. Funding for drug and alcohol addiction services will be increased.

At last it looks like the futile mess of our current drug law enforcement will be addressed, or could be subject to a referendum.

UPDATE: Green ministers named

James Shaw has just named the Green ministers.

  • James Shaw
  • Julie Anne Genter
  • Eugenie Sage

It sounds like Jan Logie will fill the” newly created undersecretary role, focused on sexual and domestic violence” role.

Notably Green #2 Marama Davidson is not included, but this isn’t surprising, she is far less experienced than the others.


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  1. Ray

     /  21st October 2017

    Why Land Information you ask, what do they do?
    It’s the old Land & Survey who amongst other things
    “Manage Crown property, and decision-making around foreign ownership of sensitive land and business assets.”

  2. David

     /  21st October 2017

    Can you imagine Genter being in charge of road building, be quite funny if not quite costly in terms of massive spending on 2 centuries ago iron horse technology.
    Christchurch could be a pre cursor for her with our brightly coloured cycle lanes that cyclists dont use and are generally despised by everyone, especially ratepayers.

    • Blazer

       /  21st October 2017

      well after enduring Smith in charge of Housing,Parata education and Bennett climate change you will have laughed yourself stupid by now.

      • David

         /  21st October 2017

        I will give you Smith on housing, absolutely awful. I thought Parata was quite a good education minister and I just wish national standards had been around when my 2 went through school. Charter schools get remarkable results even Obama was a fan and supporter.

  3. David

     /  21st October 2017

    Shaw should get associate finance and he can get on with concentrating on benefit fraud and student loan defaulters and the impact it has on the treasury. He can also keep a close eye on the loss making agricultural sector after he drags them into an ETS and shoots a 1/4 of the dairy herd and Winston has stopped immigrants doing the rural jobs no kiwi seems interested in.
    I can see him sitting in his ministerial office wondering where the hell his revenue has gone and how on earth Genters latest railway cost 10 times as much to build and the eye watering ongoing subsidies.

    • PDB

       /  21st October 2017

      100,000 affordable homes in ten years – major drop in immigration.

      • Blazer

         /  21st October 2017

        gee whiz..I guessed the ice cream ,because it is frozen and the others..aren’t..back to school.

      • Fight4NZ

         /  21st October 2017

        Oh, is it that election bribe bottom right. Worthless but costly token, stands out once you realise.

  4. James Shaw has just named the Green ministers.

    – James Shaw
    – Julie Anne Genter
    – Eugenie Sage

    Jan Logie us under-secretary so will fill the” newly created undersecretary role, focused on sexual and domestic violence” role.


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