Members’ Bills could be dominated by National

Once they get their act together with their large size in Opposition National could dominate Members’ Bills.

Labour, NZ First and Greens will be aiming for much bigger things in Government. David Seymour is the only other MP who will be in Opposition.

Members’ Bills are mostly submitted by Opposition parties and drawn from the ballot, although some government back benchers join the lottery. As an under-secretary outside Cabinet David Seymour also submitted Members’ Bills, his End of Life Choice Bill 2017 was drawn late last term and will work it’s way through Parliament this term.

There are actually 22 Members Bills currently in the Parliamentary system.

By the look of Proposed members’ bills the biscuit tin is emptied when a term ends, so MPs will need to fill it up again.

Some proposed Members’ Bills from the last term may be resubmitted.

Some will be redundant, as Labour, NZ First and Green MPs will be getting or trying to get their legislation onto the new Government’s order paper.

I don’t think incoming Ministers can submit Members’ Bills so that will rule out some.

Parties in government will be busy trying to govern.

So this may largely leave Members’ Bills to National and to David Seymour.

National MPs will have been hoping to get things done from the Government benches, but they suddenly find themselves in Opposition.

It could take them time to decide on, write and submit Members’ Bills, but it is likely that in time Members’ Bills will be dominated by National.

This is likely tosubstantially improves the chances of being drawn, especially if the Opposition manages the type and number of Members’ Bills well.

Of course that doesn’t mean success. Any Member’s Bill still requires a majority in Parliament, and National and ACT don’t have that.

I haven’t observed the transition to a new Government before.

It will be interesting to see how National uses there advantage with Members’ Bills. I hope they submit thoughtful and potentially useful Bills, and avoid the petty point scoring (and inevitably futile) attempts of some past MPs and parties.

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  1. Gerrit

     /  22nd October 2017

    Greens swallowing their first dead rat? Sorry a bit off topic but ultimately the strength of National and the friction in the three government parties will make legislation forming and passing, interesting to say the least. And it is only been a week?

  2. David

     /  22nd October 2017

    The other way would be to get leave of the house, simple majority, and say adopt the Kermedec Sanctuary legislation as a private members bill name it under say Nick Smith and Chloe Swarbrick and use their combined votes of National/Greens to defeat the Winston torpedo. The Greens would then be able to show they have a force and power and the seas will be better.

    • PDB

       /  22nd October 2017

      Nah – the Greens had their chance to get the Kermadec Sanctuary passed into law by doing a deal with National – let them stew in the shit of their own ineptness.

      • alloytoo

         /  22nd October 2017

        If National continually offers up Green friendly bills they will put the greens between a rock and a hard place, whittle away at their true green support, or force them to give national some wins.

  3. Blazer

     /  22nd October 2017

    National was going to change their name to..the Dead Rats Society..Chairman Tim Groser,Dep-Murray McCully.

    • David

       /  22nd October 2017

      They will be the ones that supply the dead rats, it’s the Greens and Labour that need to eat them….

  4. Zedd

     /  22nd October 2017

    this is one thing I am really looking forward to; watching the Govt. voting down EVERY members bill & SOP from the opposition, as the Natz have done for 9 years !

    It will likely be ACT that will get some consideration; Assisted dying/Euthansia 😀


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