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22 October 2017


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  1. lurcher1948

     /  October 22, 2017

    I enjoy reading the parallel blog called kiwiblog but the site will start to get rusty with all the salty tears shed by the nasty rightwing posters…There are some nasty keyboard worriers out there, who seem to be heading towards mental breakdowns.Yesterday one poster was pushing assassination of Winston Peters but was worried DPF might get upset at the post, others want the army the GG to restore their privileged lives, WE WON you lot lost,
    a sample of today’s rubbish…

    All Blacks lost to Australia.Not a problem. The meglamaniac wee Dictator Winston Peters will make them” winners”.
    Just the same way he changed the rules and anointed “Commie Chic” Comrade Ardern by default as NZs PM. Before the day is out Peters the Political chameleon,will have turned the All Blacks into “winners”,in the same way he chose to create,the myth and lie ,that “Commie Chic” Comrade Ardern is an elective “winner”.
    The only truth is Ardern was selected for the job by Peters the wee Dictator as PM, not elected by the people.
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  2. Blazer

     /  October 22, 2017

    MMP is so hard for these..losers..they need to ..get a..grip.

    • Gezza

       /  October 22, 2017

      Ma was on the blower an hour ago, saying this is how MMP was supposed to work.

    • Gezza

       /  October 22, 2017

      New, inexperienced Ministers?
      3 months – functional
      12 months – experienced.

  3. phantom snowflake

     /  October 22, 2017

    I love this quote;

    “Allow me to explain MMP
    There’s one mince and cheese pie left in the shop it costs $5
    Bill has $4.50
    Jacinda has $3.70
    Winston has 70c
    James has 60c
    and David has 5c
    No one has enough money to buy the pie by themselves but Jacinda, Winston and James. put their money together and buy the pie. Bill gets no pie because he needed 50c but didn’t have any friends to help him pay for the pie.
    I hope this helps explain things.”

    • Blazer

       /  October 22, 2017

      hope its not flakey…pastry.

      • Blimmin’ expensive pie.

        It’ll be crusty if Winston has anything to do with it.

        Jacinda will be saying ‘cheese !’.

        James will be pleased if it’s green inside, which it may well be as the last one.

        Bill and David will invest their $4.55 and go to a restaurant.

        • phantom snowflake

           /  October 22, 2017

          Not much return for David with his 5c investment; he should take up busking.

          • Gezza

             /  October 22, 2017

            Not in my bloody spot, he better bloody not! 😡

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  October 23, 2017

            He’s a clever young man and will know where to invest his 5c 😀

    • lurcher1948

       /  October 22, 2017

      Whose this person called Bill???

    • Corky

       /  October 22, 2017

      Here’s some free advice,Lurchy. From the Peppers.

  4. Corky

     /  October 22, 2017

    Just listening to One News. Beautiful. Lies and conflict before they even pick up a pen.