Labour-Green confidence and supply deal

The coalition deal between Labour and the GHreens was signed today by incoming Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Green leader James Shaw.

From Stuff Live:

Key policies:
  • Introduce a Zero Carbon Act with a goal of net zero emissions by 2050
  • A referendum on personal cannabis use by 2020
  • Establish and independent Climate Commission. This would have the power to bring agricultural emissions in but would not do this immediately
  • All new legislation to have a climate impact assessment analysis
  • Investigate a Green Transport Card to reduce public transport costs
  • Reprioritise spending towards rail and cycle infrastructure
  • Stop the Auckland East-West link
  • Begin work on light rail to the airport in Auckland
  • “Significantly increase” the Department of Conservation’s funding
  • Remove “excessive” benefit sanctions
  • Make progress on eliminating the gender pay gap within the core public sector
  • A rent-to-own scheme as part of KiwiBuild
  • Re-establish the Mental Health Commission
  • A wind-down on the government-subsidised irrigation

Climate change will be a major, as will be light rail to Auckland Airport, with a few other bits and pieces.

Removing benefit sanctions will be both welcome and contentious, with mention of liable parents not needing to be named, something that caused grief for Metiria Turei and the Green Party.


  • Climate Change
  • Associate Finance
  • Associate Transport
  • Conservation
  • Women
  • Land Information New Zealand
  • Associate Environment
  • Associate Health
  • Undersecretary to the Minister of Justice (Domestic and Sexual Violence)

That’s a relatively light line-up compared to what NZ First have got, but will allow the greens to ease into a role they are unfamiliar with, being in government.

Stuff:   Labour and Green Party Confidence and Supply Agreement 

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  1. Gerrit

     /  24th October 2017

    That light rail to the airport is a real puzzle. Why instigate yet another form of PT? The airport PT link is best served expanding the existing train/bus/taxi infrastructure. Would take a lot of trucks off the road if rail freight could be bought into the airport precinct. Many many containers are trucked from the inland port to custom clearance and freight forwarding companies near the airport. A freight rail terminal would make sense.

  2. robertguyton

     /  24th October 2017

    Momentous, that’s how I describe it!

    • Gezza

       /  24th October 2017

      Why, exactly?

      • Gezza

         /  24th October 2017

        Oops. Sorry scratch that. Thought you were commenting on the light rail link.
        On the C&S arrangement, agree with those positions or not, I would agree you should be popping top of a decent bottle of something fizzy & alcoholic. It’s a big thing for the Greens.

  3. NOEL

     /  24th October 2017

    The Greens Tranport Card proposal is for under 19s.
    Hope they are going to put the same amount into transport police.

    • patupaiarehe

       /  24th October 2017

      You make a good point there Noel. Due to ‘an unwise choice’ I made, after a night on the town, I was forced to use public transport for six months. Can’t say that I had any problems on it, which I suspect was due to being male and of above average stature. I did, however, witness some pretty disgusting behaviour by some youth using it. Especially towards women travelling alone.

      • NOEL

         /  24th October 2017

        My son who at the time was a Corrections Officer warned me off the suburban train to Middlemore instead of driving. Say the wrong thing to some of those gangsters he said and I could end up with a longer hospital stay.

        • NOEL

           /  25th October 2017

          I should have added the dirt bags usually don’t pay so when they become aware tickets are to be checked get off at the next stop. Thankfully the proposal is to be investigated. Hope the investigators ride the trains incognito to understand what the outcomes of free range for all under 19 coul mean.

  4. Watch the cost of the Dominion Road trams blow out. That was one seriously undercosted project.


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