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31 October 2017


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  1. Corky

     /  October 31, 2017


    I see the EU has moved to ban certain ingredient’s used to manufacture roundup. One New Zealand scientist interviewed by Mikey said that would be a great idea, but commercial use would need more consideration.

    Sounds like another scientist stuck way back in time with Newton.

    • Missy

       /  October 31, 2017

      The EU like to ban things, and they don’t always base it on science.

      I will guess you are talking about the proposal to ban Glyphosate, which allegedly causes cancer (what doesn’t?). Both the European Chemicals Agency, and European Food Safety Authority, have said it is safe, but Europe still wants to go ahead and ban it despite the cost to the EU farmers.

      What is interesting is that often in the past when the EU have banned anything that is made outside the EU they have come up with an alternative produce that is (surprisingly) made in the EU. There is a view that the bans are not really about the wellbeing of the population, but just more protectionist policies.

      • Corky

         /  October 31, 2017

        I think they are on a winner with this one, Missy. Monsanto ( now Bayer) lied when they introduce Roundup. They said it wasn’t systemic, that it broke down in the soil. After 245T and DDT, that was like mana from heaven. Now it’s testing positive in most food samples. Our food chain is riddled with that crap. So much for breaking down in the soil.

        However, you are right about the EU. I recently lost a supplier in Europe who told me EU regulations meant he couldn’t export his product to NZ. Britain, my opinion, has done the right thing by leaving the EU. There may be short term pain. But controlling your own destiny is priceless.

  2. Will the lazy media report these stats? No, they’re National positive.

    ” This illustrates just one of many positive social and economic factors for National, ignored by voters and Winston Peters (who insists on talking up a looming crisis for which he cannot be held culpable.)”

    Thanks Lindsay MItchell

  3. sorethumb

     /  October 31, 2017

    Protesters see off National Front.

    Deafening silence from RNZ.
    Remember #I’ll Ride with You – Green MP (or staffer) made it up.
    Media watch said nothing.

    Maybe the National Front have some valid concerns and maybe we should be able to judge for ourselves?

  4. sorethumb

     /  October 31, 2017

    Yesterday on Morning report I thought I heard a new Trust and Confidence survey say journalists and MP’s were rock bottom (again).
    1. I heard wrong
    2. I just can’t find a source????

  5. PDB

     /  October 31, 2017

    The condition of Auckland parks and reserves are going to crap in areas where Aussie companies have just been taken on;

    The real story is being missed.

    Auckland Council is mainly to blame for accepting prices from the Aussie companies they knew were too low and not only accepting them but using them in an attempt to negotiate down any NZL business wanting to do the work, many of whom had been working those areas for some years and knew what they cost to resource and maintain.

    • Patzcuaro

       /  October 31, 2017

      Perhaps less PR spending and more spending on PaRks. If you want attractive parks it is better to spend a little extra on the locals that know the job.

      • PDB

         /  October 31, 2017

        Not only parks but key Auckland infrastructure has been underfunded for decades and will one day come back to bite the Auckland ratepayers. An engineers estimate (if it had been included in the process) would have ruled out any prices deemed too low to do the job.

  6. I saw a brief item on ‘The Project’ (TV3) yesterday, about the med-cannabis issue. They had a comment from S Lebrun, saying the Greens should be leading the matter, but Dr Clark (Health Min. Lab) said that he would be working with green MP JA Genter on it. He then mentioned the proposed referendum, which is not about med-use, but personal, recreational use !
    I just hope that there is a clear line drawn between the two issues. Otherwise there could be a ‘muddying of the water’ on medicinal use, as happened in 2009, with it again being labeled ‘medical marijuana’ its scientific name is CANNABIS !! 😦

    • A fly is Musca domestica, a Norfolk Pine is Araucaria heterophylla. Marjuana (English Mary Jane) is what I’ve always called it, being told to call it cannabis won’t wash for proponents of decriminalisation for personal use

      • Blazer

         /  October 31, 2017

        The opposite to what you say is reality. Marijuana is leaf for smoking. ..Cannabis Sativa is the legal term.

        • How charming, but misinformed – some education for you blazer.

          Marijuana is grown for it’s buds, not leaves.

          Leaves are sometimes used as a filler in joints but (apart from those immediately close to buds) the psychoactive THC is all in the buds.


          • Blazer

             /  October 31, 2017

            No kidding. .in your day. .it was all. .headless. .cabbage!

      • ‘Marijuana’ is a mexican SLANG name. Using the term ‘medical m-j’ is similar to calling morphine; ‘medical smack’. IF you are being serious about this, you should use its correct name.. sez I

        • Fair enough, but that’s like asking me to call a spade a digger or a mouse a Mus musculus.

          * Weed
          * Pot
          * Reefer
          * Grass
          * Dope
          * Ganja
          * Mary Jane
          * Hash
          * Herb
          * Aunt Mary
          * Skunk
          * Boom
          * Chronic
          * Cheeba
          * Blunt
          * Ashes
          * Atshitshi
          * Baby Bhang
          * Bammy
          * Blanket
          * Bo-Bo
          * Bobo Bush
          * Bomber
          * Boom
          * Broccoli
          * Cripple
          * Dagga
          * Dinkie Dow
          * Ding
          * Dona Juana (or Juanita)
          * Flower, Flower Tops
          * Ganja
          * Gasper
          * Giggle Smoke
          * Good Giggles
          * Good Butt
          * Hot Stick
          * Jay
          * Jolly Green
          * Joy Smoke, Joy Stick
          * Roach (reaching there!)

          • how bloody ridiculous ! 😦

            Im talking about medicinal use, NOT smoking dope to get stoned. You are clearly either confused OR deliberately ‘muddying the waters’ ?

            • Yes, you are, but lecturing people on the use of a word is counterproductive. A rock is rock is large stone.

              The referendum is about recreational not medical.

            • I’ll be voting for decriminalising.

  7. Corky

     /  October 31, 2017

    Proof New Zealand is stuffed. Where there is one, the other is not too far away.

    • It’s clear Labour2017 needs all the organisational help than they can muster. H2 probably needs a job also

    • Gezza

       /  October 31, 2017

      H1 did all right last time, mostly – until the last term.

  8. PDB

     /  October 31, 2017

    Stuff: “Andrew Little says the Government may waive health and safety laws for a manned re-entry to Pike River.”

    Does this mean;

    *That Andrew Little, Winston Peters, Jacinda Ardern & James Shaw will all take personal & financial responsibility upon themselves (not the taxpayer) if anything bad happens to anybody trying to re-enter the mine?
    *That any other entity in New Zealand can simply ignore H&S laws and standards that they don’t like, or that stops them doing what they want to do without penalty?
    *That it’s no way ironic that the very H&S laws that were created in response to the Pike River mine disaster would be broken by the new govt if they re-entered the mine all in the name of politics?