National Opposition spokesperson roles

Bill English has announced the roles for MPs in the National Opposition.

National Party Leader Bill English has unveiled a strong Opposition team which will hold the Government to account and ensure it does not squander the opportunities New Zealanders have created for our country in recent years.

“New Zealand is doing well, with low unemployment, thousands of jobs being created every month, strong public services and New Zealanders getting ahead,” Mr English says.

“That’s a direct result of the hard work and dedication of New Zealanders who have operated confidently with the support of a clear and consistent economic plan and a government focused on achieving measurable results.

“We will be pushing the new Government to maintain that success and that focus.

“Today I am announcing our Opposition lineup which makes the most use of our dedicated and talented caucus. We are the largest Opposition Party New Zealand has ever seen, and the largest party in Parliament. We will ensure we make those numbers count.

“I have ensured we make the most of the experience and knowledge of our former ministers, while also utilising the talents of our large caucus who are passionate about New Zealand’s future.

“All but the latest intake of MPs have been allocated portfolios. Those MPs will be given time to understand Parliamentary processes and work alongside our spokespeople, and be allocated portfolios in due course.

“We will be a strong and loyal Opposition. We are ambitious for New Zealand – and we remain committed to building a stronger, more confident and more prosperous nation.

“We will work tirelessly to ensure New Zealand continues to succeed and New Zealanders continue to get ahead, while holding the current Government to account on any decisions that place that progress at risk.”

National Party Spokesperson Allocations 2 November 2017

Spokesperson for Associate roles
Rt Hon Bill English
Leader of the Opposition
National Security
Hon Paula Bennett
Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Social Investment
Hon Steven Joyce Finance
Hon Gerry Brownlee Foreign Affairs
Land Information
Hon Simon Bridges Shadow Leader of the House
Economic and Regional Development
Hon Amy Adams Justice
Workplace Relations and Safety (incl Pike River)
Hon Jonathan Coleman Health
Sport and Recreation
Hon Christopher Finlayson Shadow Attorney General
Hon Judith Collins Transport
Hon Michael Woodhouse Housing
Social Housing
Hon Nathan Guy Primary Industries
Hon Nikki Kaye Education
Hon Todd McClay Trade
State Services
Hon Paul Goldsmith Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment
Arts, Culture and Heritage
Hon Louise Upston Social Development
Hon Anne Tolley Nomination for Deputy Speaker
Rt Hon David Carter State Owned Enterprises
Hon Nick Smith Forestry
Hon Maggie Barry Conservation
Hon Alfred Ngaro Courts
Community and Voluntary Sector
Pacific Peoples
Hon Mark Mitchell Defence
Hon Nicky Wagner Disability Issues
Hon Jacqui Dean Tourism
Small Business
Hon David Bennett Food Safety
Associate Immigration
Hon Tim Macindoe ACC
Hon Scott Simpson Environment
Jami-Lee Ross Senior Whip
Local Government
Associate Transport
Barbara Kuriger Biosecurity
Rural Communities
Junior Whip
Matt Doocey Greater Christchurch Regeneration
Mental Health
Third Whip
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi Internal Affairs Associate Police
Melissa Lee Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media
Ethnic Affairs
Jonathan Young Energy and Resources
Joanne Hayes Whānau Ora Associate Children
Ian McKelvie Seniors
Simon O’Connor Corrections
Jian Yang Statistics Associate Ethnic Affairs
Andrew Bayly Building Regulation Associate Commerce
Chris Bishop Police
Sarah Dowie Early Childhood Education
Brett Hudson ICT
Government Digital Services
Nuk Korako Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations
Māori Development
Todd Muller Climate Change
Crown/Māori Relations
Parmjeet Parmar Science and Innovation
Shane Reti Data Associate Health
Alastair Scott Customs Associate Regional Development
Stuart Smith Civil Defence
Earthquake Commission

Portfolio allocations with images: National_Party_Portfolios.pdf

That’s 46 of the 56 National MPs who have been given spokesperson roles.

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  1. David Farrar:

    I have to say I find it a bit underwhelming. Most former Ministers have kept their portfolios. Sure this means they can be up to speed straight away in opposition but there are missed opportunities.

    I hope this is not seen as too long-term and that midway through 2018 there is a more substantive shake up.

    It may take them a while to work out how to be an effective opposition. Many of them won’t know what it’s like.

  2. Blazer

     /  2nd November 2017

    first time I agree with Farrar.A great line up for the..Govt!

  3. Conspiratoor

     /  2nd November 2017

    Two comments

    woodhouse has been booted from immigration for bridges. The gift that will just keep giving

    jian yang for statistics. Given how hard the nats have made it to get hard data on the big questions I find that …somewhat curious

  4. David

     /  2nd November 2017

    Woodhouse on housing, needed someone a bit harder, smarter and with cut through. National have enough property developers in their caucus who understand the market, Woodhouse is too easy to ignore and this is an area where Twyford has promised huge things and will fail.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  2nd November 2017

      Agree with all of that. National has been poor on housing and looks like continuing to be.

  5. patupaiarehe

     /  2nd November 2017

    I am looking forward to Ms Bennett’s opinions. It will be interesting to hear her thoughts, especially on welfare issues, now that she is ‘on the other side of the fence’… Perhaps we might just hear a little honesty from her…

    • Blazer

       /  2nd November 2017

      But,but she never deliberately mislead social welfare!!She is a liability and a goneburger.The ultimate turncoat,class traitor and..hypocrite.

      • patupaiarehe

         /  2nd November 2017

        The only difference between her & Metiria, is that Ms Turei ‘fessed up’. But look where that got her…

        • Blazer

           /  2nd November 2017

          Metiria and the Greens made a huge misjudgement in their timing of that revelation.It nearly destroyed the party.I like alot of Green policy,but fear their supporters may be the biggest opposition to the… coalition.

          • patupaiarehe

             /  2nd November 2017

            Her point was made badly. I know a couple of solo mums who do exactly what she did. As much as some of the ‘rightys’ here, think that being on the benefit is a ‘free ride’, they couldn’t survive on twice the DPB. I couldn’t either. Which is why I work for a living. I have a choice, some people don’t.

            • Sponge

               /  2nd November 2017

              Bollocks, everyone has a choice as to their behaviour and honesty.

            • patupaiarehe

               /  2nd November 2017

              Exactly Sponge. So who made the honest choice, in spite of the consequences?? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the erstwhile deputy PM…

  6. robertguyton

     /  2nd November 2017

    National, despite the bluster, are powerless. get used to it, Brothers 🙂

    • Gezza

       /  2nd November 2017

      Well, yes, they are. Labour & NZF are in power. But that’s not the point. Is it?
      It’s how much power can they generate for shocks & zaps as the opposition.


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