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  1. Missy

     /  November 2, 2017

    Sir Michael Fallon has just resigned as Secretary of Defence in the Westminster Witch Hunt. I was going to post about the allegations later in the week as they are developing daily, but this pre-empts some of what I was going to write.

    A spreadsheet compiled by Tory aides and staff members detailing MPs that are accused of sexual misconduct. The accusations are everything from consensual relationships & affairs, those that have made a pass, those that have made inappropriate comments, and those that have dared to touch some of the aides accidentally, most of it seems to be nothing but rumour, innuendo, and rather trivial.

    Sir Michael Fallon was accused of ‘groping’ a female journalist 15 years ago when he was a backbench opposition MP, however, the journalist in question has a different take on it (she was not the one that named and shamed Fallon). The story was originally told by the journalist, who did not name him, said he made a pass at her at dinner by putting his hand on her knee, she told him not to do it again or she would punch him. He was named earlier in the week by someone else at the dinner and outed by the Sun.

    However, as I was writing it has been said that it is believed that Michael Fallon has had extramarital relationships, one of which if had been known would have precluded him getting his security clearance, which is the reason for his resignation.

    Among other revelations since the release of the spreadsheet is one of rape within the Labour party where senior members of the party told the victim not to report it to the police or it would affect her career.

    I will continue to watch this development this week, and sum up at the weekend.

    Also, note that the UK Chief of Defence Service, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, is currently in NZ.