“Disaffected youth” and radicalism

A committee set up to advise New Zealand’s security services – the Strategic Risk and Resilience Panel – says that “disaffected youth” in New Zealand are at risk of being radicalised and should be a key focus in combating terrorism.

Disaffected youth tend to be prominent in poor crime, mental health and suicide statistics too – which have much bigger impacts on our society than terrorism, which is mostly a threat and a fear rather than being real here.

NZH: Homegrown terrorism threat is angry young people adrift from society

New Zealand’s security risk remains at “low” after being heightened in 2014 with an assessment a domestic terrorism event is possible but not expected.

But intelligence sources have told the Weekend Herald that the possibility of an attack is constant and it is a matter of “when” and not “if” terrorism will appear in New Zealand.

Details of meetings of the panel, released through the Official Information Act, show the panel’s focus was developing a “risk register” which posed specific security threats to New Zealand.

It showed key issues included “the importance of continuing to focus on the threat of radicalisation of disaffected youth”.

Deliberate targeted radicilisation of disaffected youth is a problem overseas.

It also stated that there was a need for “a more forward looking approach in particular focused on community cohesion” and “more focus needed on the drivers of domestic extremism”.

Examples given to the panel were “those radicalised due to strong positions on ecological and technological issues” but the security services have previously expressed concerned over online targeting by Islamic extremists.

Massey University’s Terry Johanson – a lecturer at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies – said disenfranchisement was a significant factor in radicalisation and recruiting.

“It needs to be because they feel disenfranchised from their own society. That tends to be because these people don’t have the community framework around them.”

Johanson said closer communities were an element in fighting that dangerous disaffection because people didn’t tend to attack groups of which they were part.

But they do attack similar kinds of groups (gangs).

The key issue identified in the summary of the minutes was the need to create an overarching “risk register” for New Zealand which forecast dangers to our country and ways to meet the threats.

The development of a register would meet a gap in our security system identified by Johanson in the recently released New Zealand National Security book, which drew articles from a range of experts in the field.

The panel minutes show it would allow a specific risk to be assigned to public agencies which would be held accountable for dealing with it.

Examples of risk areas developed for the panel to consider included terrorism, corruption, large-scale people smuggling, biodiversity loss and price shocks which impact across the community.

Young people have always had greater tendencies towards radical behaviour, rebelling against the system. Some of this is just growing up.

Extreme and violent radicalism needs to be the biggest focus of concern.

We need to be wary of the possibility of terrorism, but most problems involving radicalised youth are more mundane and more pervasive – and far more damaging to young people and to society.




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  1. NOEL

     /  4th November 2017

    Christ on a pogo stick. Black Power and the Mongrel Mob have been radicalizating youth for years and the pollies have achieved nought.

  2. Corky

     /  4th November 2017

    ”A committee set up to advise New Zealand’s security services – the Strategic Risk and Resilience Panel – says that “disaffected youth” in New Zealand are at risk of being radicalised and should be a key focus in combating terrorism.”

    Ten years ago, Ian Wishart, was naming hate preachers moving in an out of New Zealand with ease, under the noses of the SIS(?) Hell, they were even pictured having a latte in Queenstown.

    And we have just set up a committee? How many Kiwis have been radicalised over that ten year period?

    Leaving terror aside. What of the simmering tensions between Tongans and Samoans? These people are bring a third world mentality to our supposed first world country.

    Are we a first world country? We need to decide.

    • I doubt whether this is the first and only measure taken to combat radicalisation and potential terrorism.

      • Corky

         /  4th November 2017

        You are probably right, Pete. But where are hard measures against hate preachers and mosques? Why aren’t we closing down mosques where hate speech is permitted, and deporting hate preachers?

        • Should we shut down any sort of church or place of worship or building where hate speech is detected?

          National Front clubrooms?

          Destiny Church? Deporting might be a bit challenging.

        • What about political hate speech? Should Whale Oil, Kiwiblog, The Standard and The Daily Blog be shut down? It’s not unprecedented in intent at least, some numpties associated with a niche blog have accused me of hate speech and have actually tried to shut down this site.

        • Corky

           /  4th November 2017

          The difference here is certain sections of Islam has declared war on the West. We are at war with a known enemy who is killing us.

          To my knowledge, the National Front in New Zealand, and Destiny Church, have killed no one.

          ‘What about political hate speech? Should Whale Oil, Kiwiblog, The Standard and The Daily Blog be shut down?”

          No, they should be able to say what they want.

          As to intent, the court dealt with those trying to close you down. However, the penalises should have been much more severe. They, or their blogs, should have been closed.

          However, that is a good point you raise…intent v action. Are they the same?

          • “certain sections of Islam has declared war on the West”

            No. Islam itself has declared war on the West; in fact it did so centuries ago. It is the cowardly refusal of the West to face this unpalatable fact that permits terrorism to explode, as Islam detects weakness in its enemy.

            Islam is not a religion, it simply co-opts the word to give it spurious respect among fools; it is a malignant collective that seeks to destroy everything in its path. It peddles its hatred in mosques, using “prayer” to program Muslims from birth into blind obedience to the collective, much as insects control their colony with pheromones.

            The only way to combat Islam is to remove it, as you would remove a dangerous wasp nest. All mosques must be demolished, all Imams deported, and the practice, preaching and peddling of Islam must be banned outright. The problem we face is not radicalisation, it is fundamentalism. These butchers are serving Islam, not distorting it.

            But Terrorist Jihad is not the problem we face either; it is merely a symptom, a skin lesion indicating a hidden cancer. The real danger is Civilisational Jihad – the insinuation of Muslims into positions of authority in the countries that are stupidly allowing them to invade. Add the very high birthrate of Muslims, and their mindless loyalty to Islam at the ballot box, and it is not hard to see European Civilisation soon being destroyed by the low IQ savagery of Islam.

            It is the crushing of Free Speech, under the spurious guise of preventing “hate speech” that is blinding the populace to what is happening. If ever there was a sound argument for total freedom of speech, however horrible, this is it. That people are being imprisoned in the EU and UK for merely hinting at criticism of Islam should be sending off alarm bells like Krakatoa. Voltaire said: “To find out who rules you, find who you may not criticise.”

            The despicable authorities who are allowing this to happen should beware the fury of the patient peasants. All it could take is one clear-eyed Western leader with the courage to lance the festering boil, and Europe will be engulfed by a massive eruption of blood and ideological pus. And we will all be called in to deal with it. This, thanks to the witless idiocy of those who have been so aggressively peddling their creed of Uncritical Inclusivity, is what we are bequeathing to our children.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  4th November 2017

    There appears to be a large elephant in that room entirely unnoticed: Muslim religious affiliation of said disaffected youth is a necessary factor re terrorist threat. Strange.


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