Ardern’s Australian visit

Jacinda Ardern had a quick visit to Australia in her first international visit as Prime Minister. It seems to have been little more than touching base with Malcolm Turnbull, who she will see soon at the APEC meeting in Vietnam.

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RNZ: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won’t bypass Australia over Manus

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has ruled out negotiating directly with Papua New Guinea over taking Manus Island detainees, despite New Zealand’s offer to Australia to take 150 refugees being turned down.

PNG is now having to deal with the 600 men holed up in the detention centre, which was closed by Australia last week. They have no food, water or health services.

Though Ms Ardern and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull discussed several thorny issues discussed on Sunday, they emerged declaring their relationship to be off to a great start, and joking about her DJing and his attempt at rapping.

Ms Ardern restated New Zealand’s offer to take 150 Manus Island refugees – an offer politely declined, for now.

RNZ:  Ardern doesn’t rule out uni fees retaliation

The Australian government will stop subsidising New Zealanders’ tertiary education from next year – more than tripling the costs for many students.

Australians studying in New Zealand pay the same university fees as locals.

Prior to the election, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said New Zealand should consider retaliatory measures if the policy was carried out.

Speaking at a joint media conference between the two leaders in Sydney today, Mr Turnbull said he understood the criticism from New Zealand.

“But just as we respect New Zealand’s right to manage its affairs and determine its university arrangements as it sees fit, New Zealand respects our right to do the same on this side of the ditch.”

After the meeting Ms Ardern said Australia would understand if New Zealand made changes in response.

“It’s only fair that if New Zealanders in Australia find that they are incurring higher fees that we would make sure that we respond by at least making sure our system is fair and equitable in the response that Australian citizens, Australians starting in New Zealand would experience as well,” she said.

RNZ: Watch live: Jacinda Ardern in the studio


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  1. He said “we are family” but wouldn’t budge on issues such as cost of tuition for New Zealanders.
    TV One suggests lawn mowing is bad for the environment. Out comes a chap from China to demonstrate mowing an Auckland lawn.
    The two are connected.

    • Blazer

       /  6th November 2017

      Someone suggests having spies in your midst is not a good idea for govt.Out pops an M.P with a chinese sounding…surname.

    • Because Auckland / Western Australia have same (multicultural ideology). And Australia has been “looking more in that direction”

  2. Blazer

     /  6th November 2017

    very good,and now the Aussie banks…equal treatment is hard to argue …against….unless you work for say the…ANZ.Have they found a new Chairman…yet?

  3. NOEL

     /  6th November 2017

    She sure is putting the comms degree to good effect.
    I’m sure not pushing for and Iranian meth gang, using supply from the Revolutionary Guard lab and not allowing Awstralians to pick up cheap education will resonate with many.
    And the claim is they wont last to the next election?


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