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16 November 2017


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  1. Corky

     /  November 16, 2017

    Remember that National election add with the cool music and a bunch of merry socialists in a dinghy all rowing in different directions? Well,folks, that was no Tory hyperbole, it was true.
    And unfortunately for Labour, it’s still true. Hollywood couldn’t script this stuff if they tried.

      • Corky

         /  November 16, 2017

        “Enthusiasm is an excellent thing in a puppy, but probably a minister needs to be a little less”

        I can’t take this anymore…I have been laughing all morning. I will have sign off for a break.

        Labour are the best entertainment in town.

        • Blazer

           /  November 16, 2017

          nice line it.

          • Collins has a way with words for sure! I watched Nash speaking the other day. Poor bloke looked to be heading for a medical event. Phew – to say he’s “puppy” enthusiastic is an understatement. He lack the charm of puppies though

            • Yes Corky. Saw Tom O’Connor losing it over the Opposition in Herald yesterday. We need to be kinder apparently

          • duperez

             /  November 16, 2017

            Collins in familiar territory? I mean I’ve heard her referred to as a canine of the female variety. Sometimes with words like ‘arrogant’, ‘smarmy’, or ‘lying’ attached.

  2. Blazer

     /  November 16, 2017

    this story shows how lopsided the housing market is as a % of income..

    • High Flying Duck

       /  November 16, 2017

      Part time teacher aid earning $175 per week. Mother of 3..but nothing coming in from the father?

      A very extreme case who is receiving over $33,000 from the Government each year, and set to rise again next year.

      I’m not sure what this shows us other than having 3 kids when you don’t earn is probably not the smartest life decision.

      • Blazer

         /  November 16, 2017

        Number of assumptions there Sir Kindheart.

        • High Flying Duck

           /  November 16, 2017

          What assumptions? They are all facts.
          There may be mitigating circumstances, but what I have put is correct per the article.
          I’m all for a safety net, but people have to own their situations and the state should be a temporary last resort.

    • I heard on the radio this am there is a significant reduction in rental stock. ChCh earthquake movers caused a huge increase in rental prices after the quake and this reduction, due to the constraints put on investment housing will place even more pressure on stock that has reduced 50% in ONE year. Poor renters and lucky landlords

      • Blazer

         /  November 16, 2017

        So has the amount of dwellings reduced by 50%?

        • Yes. Trade Me rental adverts down by 50%

        • High Flying Duck

           /  November 16, 2017

          Number of dwellings advertised for rent has dropped – I’m sure the houses are all still there…

          “Trade Me did not cite any specific reasons for the big volume drops. But short-term holiday-style rentals such as Airbnb and fewer landlords buying investment properties due to new tax regulations are thought by others to have pushed rental stock numbers down.

          Andrew King, NZ Property Investors Federation executive officer, questioned whether the drop was reflective of fewer Trade Me ads for properties for rent.

          “It does seem high,” he said of the new data. “Trade Me put their prices up a year or two ago.”

          A plan to ban landlords from passing on property letting fees to tenants could be another reason for fewer ads, he said, although that plan is yet to come into force, King said. But that could also mean landlords might not be using Trade Me as much. But tenants could just be staying put, freeing up fewer places, he said.”

  3. Zedd

     /  November 16, 2017

    I see that COP23 is happening in Bonn Germany (Climate change conference).. just watched a story on AlJz; glacial melt at Mont Blanc in France. While they were filming, 3 large chunks cracked & fell off the main body.
    They also mentioned the concerns about sea-ice & glacier melts in Antarctica.

    meanwhile USA is pulling out of C-C talks/agreements & moving to increase coal, gas & nuclear energy use !! 😦

    • PDB

       /  November 16, 2017

      Mont Blanc glacier has been in retreat since the small ice age and scientists say it was at a similar state of retreat back in Medieval times.

      Hence the problem when you start measuring something from it’s greatest extent (little ice age) and then compare it to a current point that is towards it’s lowest stage. Glaciers have retreated and grown throughout history in a never-ending cycle. A few years ago a Swiss glacier in rapid retreat was found to have 4000 year old wood exposed on its newly exposed edge showing it was covered in forest in the distant past.

      It’s like measuring sea level at low tide then again at high tide and pronouncing that we are all going to die due to rapidly rising sea levels.

  4. Corky

     /  November 16, 2017

    Here’s a problem. One factor will be people getting out of providing rental accommodation. For a variety of reasons, it’s just not worth it.

  5. To give him some due, Slater is attacking Labour vociferously. Largely he’s shilling for Judith, but that’s okay.

    What is NOT okay is that he’s leaving out any criticism of NZ FIrst, who are all busy making themselves look like numbskulls in parliament

    Would it be too much to ask the Whale team to stop with the lovefest. NZ First have installed a muppet coalition and this country will, its a matter of when than if, head down the toilet fiscally. Start holding them to account like you used to.

  6. Pickled Possum

     /  November 16, 2017

    ” From 2000 to 2015, half a million people died from prescription drug overdoses,
    Cannabis, however, is not only excluded from the drug overdose list, it has actually been shown to reduce the use of dangerous prescription drugs.”

    “If cannabis were discovered in an Amazon rain forests today, people would be clambering to make as much use as they could out of the potential benefits of the plant,” said Donald L. Abrams, MD, Chief of Hematology and Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital and Professor of Medicine at the University California.

    Dr. Abrams is widely known for his research on medical cannabis applications. “Unfortunately, it carries with it a long and not so long history of being a persecuted plant,”

  7. Corky

     /  November 16, 2017

    Just as I suspected. South America was just too much for the All Whites. Once the witch doctors applied ‘snake magic,’ I knew it was all over.