Same sex marriage supported in Australia

Same sex Australian couples may not have to come to New Zealand to get married soon after a referendum that strongly supported same sex marriage looks set to push change there.

Nearly 62 percent of Australians voted in favour of allowing same-sex marriage.



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  1. Not before time. I’m a little annoyed that activist gay relatives of mine in Oz were dead against this vote though, they thought so little of their fellow Aussies they believed them all rednecks.

    Interesting 9/10 No areas were LABOR strongholds. NSW Labor has spent a lot of time cozying up to immigrant populations, who are overwhelmingly NO voters. Interesting conundrum for MPs!

    • Gezza

       /  16th November 2017

      “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!
      Why not try a search to find something else?”


  2. David in Aus

     /  16th November 2017

    I am okay for equality for the LGBTI community but we need to rethink the legal structures behind marriage.
    Should it exist anymore as a legal entity? Should it be a religious or social ceremony only?
    The relationship property act and other acts makes marriage as a legal entity meaningless.

    What extra legal status does Marriage give you?

    Dividing property? Rights to children? Inheritance? Little to none.

    It has become so devalued that the original legal purpose of setting property and relationships rights has become moot.

    Is there a need for a Marriage act? A legal anachronism, no longer necessary in today’s society.

    • High Flying Duck

       /  16th November 2017

      Correct, Marriage is now more than ever just symbolism as the law imposes the rights and obligations upon couples whether they want it or not, and have made it extremely difficult and expensive to contract out.
      If the current system continues your suggestion has merit.
      I would prefer marriage to be given its special status back and for the state to back away from its pre-emptive and unwarranted intrusion into relationships and asset distribution.
      It is simply property rights erosion by stealth.

  3. Patzcuaro

     /  17th November 2017

    Now that Gays have equal rights, what about Kiwis?


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