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19 November 2017


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  1. sorethumb

     /  November 19, 2017

    Brietbart is getting booring, I prefer as it gives incitefull and intelligent pushback against the bad deal that is multiculturalism.
    Gaad Saad Jorden Petterson Faith Goldie and another were invited to Rylerson University for a free speech conference. The event was cancelled over security concerns. The organiser (an Indian women) held it at another university but didn’t invite Faith Goldie. Gaad Saad defended the decision and copped a lot of antisemitic vitriol frm Goldie fans some of whom are (apparently) neo Nazis. I haven’t had time to digest it all but amongst all this noise we have the Charlottesville people and you have people of various stripes, but how many? How many blame the Jews for [ ]. Gaad, Steven Pinker etc are an antidote to the blank slate ideologies which suggest society can be controlled so that we are all universalists (one human family – celebrating diversity).

  2. sorethumb

     /  November 19, 2017


    New Zealand is a breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful country. There are few places in the world as exquisite as Queenstown that could host a marathon. We are so blessed and so lucky to live here, and to have such an excellent blog to post comments on. Well done!!!

    If you’re insulated. If you work in the resort it sucks
    At the summit, we eat our packed lunch looking out over the mountains of Fiordland. A South Island robin hops up, as if to demonstrate the fearlessness of New Zealand birdlife, and sits watching us from within arm’s reach.
    That evening, I meet Julia Wolfrum, a nurse from Hamburg, in the campsite kitchen. She has just completed the Kepler Trail, one of New Zealand’s Great Walks, a set of government-maintained hiking trails in the country.
    “The isolation and silence are magic,” Wolfrum says. “When you’re hiking, all alone, and it’s getting dark, you imagine things. It’s like a fairy tale sometimes. The nature makes you feel like a child again.”
    Up the road in Queenstown, nature is in full flight.
    Queenstown advertises itself as “The Adventure Capital of the World,” where you can bungy jump, heli-ski, jet-boat, or sky-dive. The confines of the modest town can no longer accommodate the throng of thrill-seekers. Soaring mountains still fringe the lake, but condos are creeping along the shore, a snake of traffic clogs the road into town, and Louis Vuitton has set up shop along with Global Culture, a clothes store.
    If your idea of a holiday is a seething mass of cars and people, topped off by a cacophony of helicopters, Queenstown may be for you. Otherwise, it serves only as a warning of the perils of overdevelopment.
    “Queenstown used to be nice, but it’s a mess, now,” Verduyn says, as we continue our trip down the Upper Clutha. “We don’t want to get like that.”
    He points out a bunker-like private dwelling atop a bluff, and shakes his head.

    Boston Globe 2004

  3. PDB

     /  November 19, 2017

    The new govt back-tracks continue……Twyford on state houses: “He also said the Government would have to sell some state houses.

    Labour has been critical of National’s sell-off of state houses in the past.

    Twyford said the Government would “stop the mass sell-off of state housing”, but he said, “you’d be crazy not to sell the odd one here and there to maintain and upgrade the portfolio”.”

    Considering that was exactly what the National govt was already doing – selling off state homes where they weren’t needed and redeveloping existing land where demand is in order to fit more state homes.