Mugabe may now be impeached

Robert Mugabe has refused to step down as president of Zimbabwe, so an attempt at impeachment is under way.

CNN: Zimbabwe’s ruling party plots Robert Mugabe’s impeachment

Zimbabwe’s ruling party has set in motion a plan to impeach President Robert Mugabe, who has refused to answer repeated calls to step down even after effectively being stripped of his powers.

Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party, which he co-founded and led for nearly four decades, ousted the 93-year-old as party leader on Sunday and gave him an ultimatum — relinquish the presidency by midday on Monday or face an impeachment vote in Parliament. The party has said it will introduce the plan to Parliament on Tuesday.

A source told CNN that Mugabe had agreed to terms for his resignation in talks with military leaders who have seized control in the country, and that a letter had been drafted. But the midday deadline to resign passed Monday with no word from the defiant leader.

Latest developments:

Mugabe loses allies: The embattled President has lost his most powerful associates, his party and control of the military, and tens of thousands of people have protested to call for his ouster.

Mugabe’s odd speech: The nation was stunned Sunday when instead of hearing Mugabe deliver his resignation speech, gave a rambling televised address that raised more questions than answers.

Deal or no deal?: A source told CNN earlier Monday that the military had given into demands from the President for full immunity for himself and his wife, but there is still no confirmation that Mugabe has accepted a deal.

Very messed in a severely messed up country.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  21st November 2017

    A severely messed up continent, not just Zimbabwe. Full of bad government, corruption and tribalism – the ultimate form of identity politics.

    • Corky

       /  21st November 2017

      Tribalism holds Africa back. Tribalism holds Maori back. You see the same crap here with Maori.

  2. Corky

     /  21st November 2017

    Dirty Harry famously said, before blowing a cretins head off…that a man has to know his limits. Age may have dulled Mugabes survival instincts. He’s being given a chance to walk away. That’s way more then he gave some of his opponents. Ditto white farmers. I bet the missus is seeing the writing on the wall and may shoot through. Shopping for Gucci in South Africa trumps a Zimbabwean jail.

  3. Gerrit

     /  21st November 2017

    I cant understand why they are waiting for him the resign. Just ignore him. She unfortunately wont be so lucky and will need to get out whilst she can. WOnder if they will be able to claw back all the assets and money stashed overseas?


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