Government supported in latest RM poll

The November Roy Morgan poll suggests a shift in support towards Labour and Greens since the election, but NZ First has slipped.

National are still slightly ahead of Labour, but have dropped.

  • National 40.5% (election 44.45%, October 46%)
  • Labour 39.5% (election 36.89%, October 31%)
  • Greens 10% (election 6.27%, October 11%)
  • NZ First 5% (election 7.2%, October 6.5%)
  • ACT 0.5% (election 0.5%, October 0.5%)
  • TOP 2% (election 2.44%, October 2%)
  • Maori Party 1.5% (election 1.18%, 1.5%)
  • Other 1% (election 1.07%, October 1.5%)

Labour+Greens are 49.5%, and Labour+NZ First+Greens are 54.5%, the highest

This is early days for the new Government but indications are that there is general support for it.

The October poll was taken not long after the September election and during coalition negotiations, which may explain it’s swings, especially for Labour.

A poll at this stage doesn’t mean a lot but is of some interest as it indicates that the Labour led government seems to be generally well supported.

Electors were asked: “If a New Zealand Election were held today which party would receive your
party vote?” This latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll on voting intention was conducted by
telephone – both landline and mobile – with a NZ wide cross-section of 887 electors during
October 30 – November 12, 2017. Of all electors surveyed 2% (down 1.5%) didn’t name a party.


Summary: New PM Jacinda Ardern drives surge in New Zealand Government Confiden

Detail: Tableau PDF

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  1. What I am interested in is NZF 5%

  2. Corky

     /  23rd November 2017

    Labour has yet to make the plebs and beanies unhappy. The Tax Working Group should be just the thing to get the ball rolling……….> downwards.

  3. What I’m interested in is Greens 10%

  4. Blazer

     /  23rd November 2017

    what I am interested in is that this particular poll was looked on with scorn and ridicule….before.

    • High Flying Duck

       /  23rd November 2017

      It still is Blaze,
      But the post election surge would be right – it would be unusual not to get one. They don’t call it a honeymoon for nothing.
      Time is needed before the government can be judged on it’s actions.
      We are still 12 months away from any meaningful polling insight as to what people think of this Government based on its actions.
      Time to make mistakes and to fix them.

      • There has never been any govt that didn’t exceed it’s electoral result in the honeymoon aftermath. Don’t get too excited blazer. After all it’s your derided RM too

  5. robertguyton

     /  23rd November 2017

    As AOB says, it’s worth little bar a chance to tease righties 🙂

    • Corky

       /  23rd November 2017

      Not the brightest spark, AOB. Still, he’s on the throne at the moment. I just worry for his health when he has to get off.

  6. Zedd

     /  23rd November 2017

    as a Grn MP said recently (quoting Oscar Wilde) paraphrase, talking about outgoing Govt.; ‘They know the cost of everything.. but the value of nothing !’
    maybe this is finally sinking in with mainstream NZ.. coalition Govt. now at 55% 🙂


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