A silent one that kicked up a stink

@comingupcharlie tweeted:

Pleased to see the BSA standing up for the common man who enjoys getting on the blower at 4.20am for some nuanced political debate.

For the above reasons the Authority does not uphold the complaint.

It’s not the flashest of metaphors, but it’s hardly a threat to broadcasting standards either.

I may be fairly old fashioned, I’m a fan of discreteness when it comes to farting, and even talking about farting. But it’s an entirely natural biological process so we can be a bit odd and over-sensitive.

I certainly wouldn’t complain about something like this to the BSA – that would be too embarrassing.

And I really don’t think the comments were a big deal either.

The BSA decision: Anderson and NZME Radio Ltd – 2017-066 (16 October 2017)

Funnily enough I looked for the BSA decision and this is the latest, also related to Turei: Garrett and Radio New Zealand Ltd – 2017-079 (28 November 2017)

[1]  A segment on Checkpoint featured John Campbell interviewing former Green Party Co-Leader Metiria Turei. The interview occurred just after Ms Turei had resigned as the Co-Leader of the Green Party amidst allegations of benefit and electoral fraud.

[2]  During the interview Mr Campbell questioned Ms Turei about the reasons behind her resignation as Green Party Co-Leader and the allegations that she received financial support from relatives while also receiving the domestic purposes benefit.

[3]  David Garrett complained that the item was unbalanced because Mr Campbell did not put the same questions to Ms Turei verbally that were put to her in writing earlier that day, and Mr Campbell’s interview style was biased, ‘unctuous and extremely caring’.

[19]  In response to Mr Garrett’s submissions regarding Mr Campbell’s interview style, we note that the balance standard is not intended to direct how questions should be asked. Rather, our task is to assess whether, overall, sufficient balance has been provided on the issue under discussion.

[20]  Taking into account the considerations we have outlined above, we find that overall the interview was consistent with audience expectations, given its focus and the way it was framed, and that listeners would not have been left uninformed as a result of this broadcast.

Again I’m surprised someone would lay a complaint. John Campbell is usually on air when I’m driving home after work. When he annoys me I just turn the radio off.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  30th November 2017

    I knew a man who was in a lift with a (male) friend and a lot of women. The friend blew off-loud and stinky-just before he got out. He had the gall to say in a disgusted tone to C, who had to go up to the 12th floor, ‘You dirty bugger !’.

  2. Kitty Catkin

     /  30th November 2017

    A ‘discrete’ fart would be one broken into several parts, as opposed to a discreet one which would be circumspect. Discrete is the opposite of ‘concrete’ as in consolidated or compact.


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