Trump Twitter train wreck continues

President Donald Trump seems to be getting worse on Twitter. You could almost think he had nothing better to do than watch media and respond stupidly. Some supporters no doubt like the entertainment, but there must be growing concerns from those who prefer a serious White House administration.

But Trump obviously thinks his online antics are a good thing and that he can continue without adverse effects. The accumulative effects of his pettiness and distraction must be growing though.

He has overstepped the lines of presidential prudence and basic decency so many times

Washington Post: Trump veers past guardrails, feeling impervious to the uproar he causes

President Trump this week disseminated on social media three inflammatory and unverified ­anti-Muslim videos, took glee in the firing of a news anchor for sexual harassment allegations despite facing more than a dozen of his own accusers and used a ceremony honoring Navajo war heroes to malign a senator with a derogatory nickname, “Pocahontas.”

Again and again, Trump veered far past the guardrails of presidential behavior. But despite the now-routine condemnations, the president is acting emboldened, as if he were impervious to the uproar he causes.

If there are consequences for his actions, Trump does not seem to feel their burden personally. The Republican tax bill appears on track for passage, putting the president on the cusp of his first major legislative achievement. Trump himself remains the ­highest-profile man accused of sexual improprieties to keep his job with no repercussions.

Claims of his own ‘sexual improprieties’ are bad enough, but his support of others accused of similar must be problematic.

Trump has internalized the belief that he can largely operate with impunity, people close to him said. His political base cheers him on. Fellow Republican leaders largely stand by him. His staff scrambles to explain away his misbehavior — or even to laugh it off. And the White House disciplinarian, chief of staff John F. Kelly, has said it is not his job to control the president.

The reality seems to be that he can’t be controlled, or won’t be controlled.

For years, Trump has fired off incendiary tweets and created self-sabotaging controversies. The pattern captures the musings of a man who traffics in conspiracy theories and alternate realities and who can’t resist inserting himself into any story line at any moment.

“In an intensely polarized world, you can’t burn down the same house twice,” said Alex Castellanos, a GOP campaign consultant. “What has Donald Trump got to lose at this point?”

Quite a lot actually. Credibility amongst his base who may not all keep supporting him as he offends on a wide range of things. The presidency.

The USA has already lost quite a bit due to Trump’s behaviour, and could suffer for it a lot more.

Castellanos added that for many voters, and especially Trump’s base, there’s an “upside” to his bellicosity. “A strong daddy bear is what a lot of voters want,” he said. “Right or wrong, at least he’s fighting for us.”

Fighting for whom? He’s a selfish self obsessed arse who looks like he would turn on anyone.

Trump retweets inflammatory and unverified anti-Muslim videos

That will no doubt please some no mater how inappropriate it is for a President, there are still some of ‘us’ who like him and support him, or support him because the alternative is politically grave, but I don’t see Trump as a fighter for anything but his own ego.

He manipulates people and media for his own gratification.

He puts Republican politicians in a very difficult position.

On Capitol Hill, Republicans struggled Wednesday to defend the president. Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) said Trump’s retweets of the videos were “particularly unhelpful.”

“We don’t want to take a fringe group and elevate their content,” Graham said. “I think it also is not the message we need to be sending right now where we need, you know, Muslim allies.”

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), an outspoken Trump critic, agreed: “I just thought it was highly inappropriate. Not helpful.”

GOP strategist John Brabender said Trump’s tweets distracted from his agenda to pass a tax cuts bill and focus on the nuclear threat from North Korea. But, Brabender said, “this is not new in Donald Trump’s world.”

“We’re seeing the message hijacked by the messenger,” Brabender said. “That’s been problematic for a long time and it’s still problematic. . . . Sometimes we all just scratch our heads.”

There may not be much else they can do about Trump, until wait until he stuffs their re-election chances.

As the train engine blunders onwards carriages are likely to fall off the wreck.


  1. NOEL

     /  December 1, 2017

    Did I read somewhere that he was complaing that the world media was producing fake news about the US reducing respect.

  2. Corky

     /  December 1, 2017

    ‘Some supporters no doubt like the entertainment, but there must be growing concerns from ‘those who prefer a serious White House administration.”

    I like the entertainment and America’s economic situation at the moment..I have no problem with the anti Muslim sentiment. The pro Muslim bs overshadows any unverified videos. However the other two gaffs were unacceptable.

    It seems Tillerson may be gone soon.

    • Gezza

       /  December 1, 2017

      I haven’t read that Tillerson’s about to either jump ship or get made to walk the plank but Rex is clearly intelligent, sensible, articulate, honest, & committed to doing a good job as Secretary of State & it’s only a matter of time before either happens.

      He knows a moron when he sees one, he knows he’s working for one, he knows no one, not even the most ignorant & ardent Trumpophile, can work for this wally for long without being eventually utterly embarrassed & compromised, & he’s privately said so. His days have been numbered ever since he took the job. And certainly since he confirmed Trump’s a moron.

  3. Tipene

     /  December 1, 2017

    POTUS has around 44 million Twitter followers, and this number probably doubled overnight.

    I would argue hat the language used to describe Trump is in and of itself inflammatory.

    One can’t “un-see” the videos he circulated, and they are simply samples of dozens of videos available that highlight various Muslim atrocities.

    Fact: the Muslim faith does not accord with the best interests of Western culture, and anyone who nominates these videos as simply fringe examples of “radical Islam” hasn’t read the Koran, hasn’t viewed the child indoctrination videos of the Immans, hasn’t watched people of this faith walking around holding the heads of the “infidel”, hasn’t seen gay people being thrown off buildings, hasn’t witnessed genital mutilation of women, and hasn’t observed the process undertaken to build a group up into an Allah-inspired chanting frenzy whilst hacking off the head of an “enemy”.

    “Religion of peace”?

    Only to those who are willfully blind, or who are so shit-scared of “offending” anyone, that they willfully deny the evidence to the contrary.

    The biggest problem Trump critics have is that they can’t intimidate him, and THAT scres the shit out of them, not what he does or says.

    • “The biggest problem Trump critics have is that they can’t intimidate him” – that’s nonsense.

      He’s driving a train wreck presidency flailing a wrecking ball.

      A plus is that everyone else around him should be aware of the dangers and moderate any possible excessive behaviour that may actually damage more than US credibility.

      A minus is that he doesn’t seem to be able to keep competent people around him.

      I understand that some people want all out war with North Korea and all out war with Muslims and Muslin countries but there is without doubt some major potential minuses there.

      • Tipene

         /  December 1, 2017

        “Moderation” is what put America at risk in the first place, and “moderation” is the reason the UK has now lost it’s cultural sovereignty, with the cherry on the top being the election of a terrorist-apologist Muslim mayor in Sadiq Khan.

        The only weaponry “moderates” are now able to summon in the face of ongoing terrorist attacks on home soil, whether the attackers are imported “refugees” or home-grown self-loathing, is heart signs with their hands, candles, and holding “Love” signs aloft.

        Yep, I just bet that response has ISIS et al quivering in their blood-stained boots.

      • Corky

         /  December 1, 2017

        I don’t want all out war with Muslim countries, or Muslims. I just don’t want them in my country…practising their backward religion.

        • Gezza

           /  December 1, 2017

          Same. Muslims should stay in muslim countries until they destroy them and/or each other for their “apostasies, outgrow their delusional, backward, & dangerous religion, & take individual & collective responsibility for their own actions, instead of having the medieval Koran, Hadith & Sharia determine them.

        • Corky

           /  December 1, 2017

          Muslim propaganda for Liberals- and this is a supposed march against ISIS. Look how these marchers look out of place in a Western country( in my opinion).

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  December 1, 2017

            The darkhaired boy in the Dutch video was neither an immigrant nor a Muslim.

            The roof-throwing people were given the death sentence for murder.Given America’s record of violent crime, it’s a bit off that he condemns it elsewhere.

            The statue video was unverified and could well be a fake.

            The videos are old.

        • Tipene

           /  December 1, 2017

          That’s too bad Corky -because the war against us has already started – the strategy is come through the back door, then capture the front door, turn, and then start firing.

  4. Gerrit

     /  December 1, 2017

    What Tipene said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    100% correct.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  December 1, 2017

      INcorrect, more like.

      Is it likely that people like the UN translators whose lives were at risk because they worked for NZ, Muslim doctors, nurses and other professionals who are enriching NZ would be like that ?

      As well assume that all Irish people are IRA members and all Italians Mafiosi….

  5. More of ‘if you don’t support him you’re a hater’ dividing.

    • Tipene

       /  December 1, 2017

      The America haters are predominately self-loathing liberals who have lost any functional relationship with reality. Have a read of “The Liberal Mind” by Lyall Rossiter for a case study into how truly psychologically damaged these people are – you will see some striking similarities in a number of our own MP’s:

      • “The America haters are predominately self-loathing liberals who have lost any functional relationship with reality.”

        Bullshit again, if you include anyone who criticises someone you support or some party you support as a ‘hater’.

        Labels like ‘hater’ are lazy and divisive – a bit like Trump.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  December 1, 2017

          Hater is widely misused, which waters it down.

          Trump’s new slogan; Make America Hate Again.

          • Corky

             /  December 1, 2017

            Hater, the word, is widely misused…by liberals.

        • Tipene

           /  December 1, 2017

          Read the book above Pete – spells it out.

    • MaureenW

       /  December 1, 2017

      Those same Democrats and Liberals who “freed” Libya, which is now in part, and auctioning block for slaves. What was it Clinton uttered, “we came, we saw, he died .. ha, ha, ha”

  6. Alan Wilkinson

     /  December 1, 2017

    Inconveniently for his opponents Trump’s support is edging up a percent or two and even apparently despicable Moore has regained parity or a lead in the polls. If the Republicans pass their tax reform they will probably head into Christmas feeling quite ok. Meanwhile Lefty media stars continue to fall like flies before the abuse storm.

    • Gerrit

       /  December 1, 2017

      Have any of the media stars, that said they would leave the USA after Trumps victory, actually left yet?

  7. Belledejour

     /  December 1, 2017

    I was quite shocked to see that Trump tweeted a suggestion that Joe Scarborough (ex Repub congressman turned TV anchor) was somehow involved in the death of one of his employees 16 years ago.

    Joe was in Washington at the time apparently and the death occurred in Florida. Trump has lost it. He is sending the clear message to all his conspiracy minded alt right fans that it is OK to make these kind of suggestions publicly.

    • Maureen is

       /  December 1, 2017

      He didn’t suggest that, just that the case deserved further investigation.
      Why is it ok for Scarborough to peddle crap about Trump day in and out – conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated allegations – and expect no back-lash. Trump has access to a lot more information than he tweets about, I think what he’s doing is a riot.