Lawyer takes blame for trump tweet

It has often been claimed that Donald Trump tweets against the best advice of those who try to manage his presidency and his PR, so it is unusual to see his personal lawyer take responsibility for a tweet that some say could put Trump at legal risk.

The tweet:

Newshub in Trump denies pressuring FBI director Comey to end Flynn probe:

The tweet raised eyebrows, with some in the legal community saying if Mr Trump knew Flynn lied to the FBI and then pressured Mr Comey not to investigate him, that would be problematic.

Mr Trump’s tweet “absolutely bolsters an obstruction of justice charge”, said Jimmy Gurule, a former federal prosecutor and a law professor at Notre Dame University.

“It is evidence of the crucial question of whether Mr Trump acted with a corrupt intent.

In an unusual move:

Mr Trump’s personal lawyer has since taken responsibility for the tweet.

In an interview on Sunday with news site Axios, John Dowd said the tweet was “my mistake” and that he drafted the tweet that raised more questions about whether there had been attempts to obstruct the Russia investigation.

“I’m out of the tweeting business,” Mr Dowd told Axios. “I did not mean to break news.”

It is unusual that Trumps lawyer is taking responsibility for drafting the tweet, especially given the content of the tweet.

Trump has inevitably responded to the uproar his tweet created with another tweet:

I presume his lawyer did not draft that tweet.

This is a typical Trump denial, claiming anything he doesn’t like as fake news and lies.

He risks, amongst other things, becoming known as the Fake President.

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  1. wackAmole

     /  4th December 2017

    It is the Russia Trump collusion narrative which is fake.

    It is the Washington DC swamp which produces fake presidential candidates.

    That is why Trump the nationalist populist is in charge now.

  2. David

     /  4th December 2017

    “He risks, amongst other things, becoming known as the Fake President.”

    I thought Hillary had that position already?

  3. Gezza

     /  4th December 2017

    The longest running farce in contemporary US theatre continues.

  4. Kitty Catkin

     /  4th December 2017

    Yes, and no charge to see it.

    I’d change one word, Gezza-I’d remove ‘contemporary’.

    I wonder what made the lawyer do this-coercion or golden handshake-or both. My guess is severe repercussions if you don’t, fat cheque if you do.

  5. Joe Bloggs

     /  4th December 2017

    If trump authored his tweet then it means that Trump knew Flynn had committed a serious crime when he asked Comey the next day to halt an FBI investigation into Flynn. That’s a pretty substantial confession to the essential knowledge elements of an obstruction of justice charge.

    If Dowd authored trump’s tweet, then Dowd has opened himself up to a malpractice suit by exposing his client to a charge of obstructing justice…. which makes Dowd either an idiot or a doormat.

    Either way it doesn’t make any difference. Either trump or his lawyer admitted to trump’s obstruction of justice.

    Next up Kushner – and Kushner can’t possibly cop a plea. If he did, then it’d lead directly to trump since there’s no doubt that Kushner does what trump tells him to. So Kushner can expect charges filed against him, an indictment, and prosecution.

    Note to Gezza: while this may be the longest running farce in contemporary US theatre, it is not without its own repercussions. At least two officials in Trump’s inner circle have now lied to investigators about their dealings with Russia; and four have been charged with felonies.

    And bear in mind that Flynn didn’t just plead guilty to lying to the FBI over Russia. Flynn also plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his efforts with Kushner to torpedo a United Nations Security Council resolution criticizing Israeli settlements.

    Dig any deeper under that particular rock and you’ll probably find that Israel was spying on the Obama administration – which is a whole new level of farce … just sayin’ 🙂

  6. Kitty Catkin

     /  4th December 2017

    And it’s free for all to see. I would take the word contemporary out, Gezza, it must be the longest one in history.It makes The Mousetrap look like a flop

    We’ll never know, of course, but I’d bet that the lawyer was faced with threats if he didn’t, fat cheque if he did.


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